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According to Rowling in 2018, we will learn more about Grindelwald's and Dumbledore's past in the upcoming films. When he found the Horcrux, a ring formerly owned by Marvolo Gaunt, he saw that the stone in the ring was one of the Deathly Hallows, the Resurrection Stone. It was clear that while many who followed Dumbledore's cause both feared and despised Voldemort greatly, Dumbledore did not share such views as he had known Tom Riddle personally, and although he was committed to defeating him, Dumbledore held no personal resentment nor fear towards the Dark Lord and continued to see him as his former student worthy of being pitied for his childhood and complete inability to understand love, as he had never received any. Fortunately, Dumbledore did not have to resort to whatever means he would’ve needed to remove Voldemort from Harry himself, as the tremendous power of Harry's love, dwelt on his grief for his late godfather, inflicted great pain upon Voldemort and the Dark Lord was forced to remove himself and block his connection. Initially unbeknownst to Dumbledore however, Grindelwald intended to use the former's alleged Obscurial relative, Aurelius Dumbledore, as a weapon against him. 1881. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Gellert Grindelwald 6 Tropes 7 See Also This section is in need of major improvement. Dumbledore attended many Death Eater trials, including that of the Lestranges and Barty Crouch, Jnr. In Star Wars Episode IV, Darth Vader taunts Obi Wan "You're powers are weak, old man" before slaying him. Once inside, Dumbledore located the Horcrux's second line of defence; a hidden doorway which only opened when it received an offering of blood. An odd occurrence, seeing as how Boggarts were usually found in dark, enclosed spaces,[36] not big, airy, sunlit greenhouses. Since that time Dumbledore has shown many examples of his faith in Hagrid. Alastor Moody was a prominent Auror and Dumbledore's close friend. As it turned out, however, it would take no less than a month's worth of relentless preparation and dedication by two of Miss Snyde's retaliating peers, and, perhaps most of all, an admirable amount of cheek before Dumbledore actually realised that he had been hoodwinked. He is the principal of the wizard academy Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. Among the newcomers, he observed, was the second oldest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley and the daughter of Andromeda Black and her Muggle-borns husband Edward Tonks. Almost immediately afterwards, however, Snape returned with some most disconcerting news. In addition, Harry and Dumbledore both possessed outrageous tempers that when witnessed were great enough to cow and frighten even those closest to them. After James's death Dumbledore returned the cloak to James's son, Harry. [36], Dumbledore hinting that Harry and Hermione should travel back in time, As the school year drew to its close, it became clear to Harry and his friends that Sirius Black had been framed for his crimes, commuted by Pettigrew, who has been disguised as Scabbers for twelve years. [28], He contacted his old student, Newt Scamander, who had become a Magizoologist in the employment of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at the Ministry of Magic in London and had been travelling throughout the world, locating and rescuing magical creatures from wizard hunters who believed that these creatures represented a threat to their secrecy. James and Lily Potter, his friends and former students. While Dumbledore rightly suspected Riddle was behind the attacks, the aspiring Dark Wizard expertly framed Gryffindor student Rubeus Hagrid as the perpetrator. I know he's involved with a bunch or groups and he's just this social butterfly, but I don't know what they are. When the Potters became Voldemort's targets due to a prophecy made about their son and the Dark Lord, Dumbledore attempted to protect them by casting the Fidelius Charm and offering to be their Secret Keeper, but the role of Secret Keeper went instead to Peter Pettigrew, which turned out to be a fatal mistake, as Peter turned out to be a spy, and he betrayed Lily and James to Voldemort, who killed them. Things got progressively worse from there. [41], When the time came to choose the Prefects from the fifth year Dumbledore considered Harry, but out of sympathy for the ordeals he had faced and the ones still to come, he chose to spare him the added responsibility and passed it on to Ron Weasley. When he and Gellert Grindelwald made plans to subjugate Muggles and take power in the wizarding world, Albus planned to bring Ariana with them, but Aberforth pointed out that she was in no state to go. Single The son of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, and the elder brother of Aberforth and Ariana. He also adopted the role of secret agent for Voldemort, and supplied him with strategic scraps of information about the Order. He rejoined the Order of the Phoenix when Dumbledore re-instated it in 1995, and they both fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, where Remus suffered a devastating loss: Sirius died in the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Dumbledore visits Harry Potter in the Hospital Wing after the latter protects the Philosopher's Stone from Voldemort, In the end it was Harry who protected the Philosopher's Stone from Quirrell and Voldemort. Fenrir Greyback was a savage werewolf who seemed to have had dealings with Dumbledore in the past, as Dumbledore was shocked that he, of all people, had come to Hogwarts the night that the Death Eaters entered the Astronomy Tower. Rather than trying to manage his condition, however, the attacker had instead made it his mission in life to infect as many people as possible and was harbouring grand plans of raising an army of werewolves big enough to take over the wizarding world; having even earned notoriety for targeting children with the intent of raising them away from other witches and wizards and teaching them to despise regular humans for that very reason. Dumbledore was highly perceptive and emotionally intelligent; his knowledge of people's true personality went beyond being simply a good judge of character. Snape, although resistant at first to killing Dumbledore, carried it out at the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, when Draco Malfoy had managed to bring Death Eaters into Hogwarts. The curse quickly spread, and were it not for his own prodigious talents, he would have died within moments. Over the course of this dialogue, Dumbledore also included a bit of socialising, such as mentioning how the resident Charms Master had been "bragging about the remarkable batch of Ravenclaws" they had gotten that term, jokingly asking him whether he was "up for the challenge" of handling five more of the Weasley children that would be attending the school in a few years, and commenting on the academic prowess of Rowan Khanna, a pupil whom he found to be "exceptionally bright. Their argument escalated into a duel, and Ariana, who was agitated by all the flashing lights and wanted to help, got caught in the crossfire. Even so, he was back in time to see the students off for the summer, and presented the the winner of that year House Cup with their just award.[84]. With Harry safe and certain members of the Order of the Phoenix and allies of their cause keeping watch over him and reporting back to Dumbledore, he continued his work as the brilliant if eccentric Headmaster of his beloved school. [3] About a year later, Albus received his Hogwarts letter, and prepared to leave for school. Nationality Wiz., X.J.(sorc. Once the pupil in question presented themselves, however, the Headmaster revealed that he had nothing worse in store for them than wanting to solicit their assistance in organising a surprise party for their trusty Groundskeeper; a task, he was delighted to find, they gladly accepted. Well aware that their initial reaction, namely to try and keep him from entering their home, stemmed from fear more than anything else, the Headmaster took the liberty of finding his own way into the house. Human[8] Albus only pretended that he did not know anything about it and said that Newt is not a great follower of orders. Albus' father, Percival Dumbledore, was heartbroken and set out in search of his own brand of justice. 12/jun/2020 - Explore a pasta "Albus Dumbledore" de Bruna Santos, seguida por 3488 pessoas no Pinterest. [69] Upon his eventual return to the school, however, it did not take long before the cursed ice suddenly vanished without a trace; a clear sign that someone had successfully opened the door to the vault that the curse of the cursed ice had been tethered to. Minerva McGonagall: his friend, colleague, and former student, Minerva McGonagall knew Dumbledore for the majority of her life. There, Diggory was killed on the orders of Lord Voldemort, and Harry's blood was taken as the final ingredient in a potion the Dark Lord used to return to full power. After being cursed by Marvolo Gaunt's ring and ordering Snape to kill him, Dumbledore finally granted him the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, knowing that if Snape were to kill him he would be vilified by the wizarding public and forced to abandon the post. Harry used a small cut on his arm to reopen the hidden doorway, and once outside the cave they Disapparated back to Hogsmeade. Sorry! British Despite not being close, it cannot be doubted that Albus loved and cared for him dearly, evidenced by the fact that even though he resented having to stay at home, Albus still refused to allow Aberfoth to stop his education out of concern of his brother's future. [62] Once the issue of the werewolf attacks were taken care of, Dumbledore resolved to host a second feast as neither he, nor the student body, had been able to fully appreciate the first on account of Greyback's involvement. Crouch, in the guise of Moody, successfully … [8] It was confirmed when the object was inherited by Ron that the Deluminator was of Dumbledore's own design. Following this, Dumbledore briefly left the school again, this time in search for someone else; an individual that he would later admit that he hoped never to find. Voldemort perceived that it was too dangerous to enter the heart of the Ministry of Magic himself. [78], At some point prior to his second departure from the school in as many years, Dumbledore gave Rita Skeeter 'periodical permission' to visit Hogwarts Castle to observe the students, and to invite them to partake in a "friendly competition" where the winner would receive a first-page article in the Daily Prophet. Dumbledore rushed forward to defend his brother, and during the duel his sister, Ariana was killed. [75], Present as always in the Great Hall alongside the rest of the staff to welcome the students for the 1986–1987 school year, once the traditional Sorting ceremony was at an end and everyone had found their way back to their seats, Dumbledore positioned himself at the Owl Lecturn to deliver his usual words of welcome. [1], Albus was born in 1881 to Percival and Kendra Dumbledore. The form of Leta's Boggart surprised both Dumbledore and the entire class: a white sheet containing an undistinguishable, slight form floating through a dark blue glow. [6] He was every bit as brilliant as Albus, and they quickly became friends. Until finally Umbridge was granted the new position of High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. When the pupil arrived, however, it quickly occurred to him that whilst it looked like they expected a lecture, there was nevertheless something they wanted to ask him; and hence, he decided to allow them to do so. In 1995, Percy's relationship with Dumbledore became antagonistic when he and Harry claimed that Voldemort had returned, Percy was loyal to the Ministry and participated in discrediting Harry and Dumbledore altogether. Collection description . [7], Meanwhile, Aberforth became dissatisfied with his neglect of Ariana. Another good friend of Dumbledore was Remus Lupin, one of James's and Sirius's dearest friends, and a werewolf. For example, he placed Harry Potter with the Dursley family despite knowing that they would be unlikely to treat him well, as pointed out by Professor McGonagall, all for the sake of keeping him alive. Dumbledore had a good relationship with both of them, knowing them both to be pure souls. ), S. of Mag.Q. During the private lessons between Harry and Dumbledore, the Pensieve was used to view a variety of memories about Tom Riddle's past.[30]. With Dumbledore's credibility realised once more, Fudge's was permanently lost. He was quite fond of knitting patterns and frequently wore flamboyant clothing (at one point, he is seen wearing a flowered bonnet that he received from a Wizard Cracker). [77], Over the same period, the International Confederation of Wizards was due to convene for a conference somewhere in Great Britain, to which he invited the school's trusty Groundskeeper to give a demonstration on thestrals to clear up the misconceptions that so many of its delegates had come to have about them over the years; specifically by showing that even a thestral that has had limited exposure to strangers could be comfortable working with several of them. (c. Summer, 1881 – 30 June, 1997) was the Transfiguration Professor, and later Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He enchanted the Mirror of Erised to contain the Philosopher's Stone, only to be removed by someone who did not intend to use or possess it, but only to keep it from the hands of evil. He also had great faith in Harry as shown when Dumbledore was in a weakened state and Harry, who had never Apparated beyond a few feet, had to Apparate them both back. While Dumbledore was aware of Tom Riddle's transformation and rise to power, he still maintained contact with the latter, even allowing him to visit the school for a supposed job interview. ), Dumbledore in-between Professors McGonagall and Sinistra. [22], After he had finished his talk, Dumbledore and Harry parted ways: Harry returned to the mortal world and Dumbledore moved, as he would put it, "on." His beard is also tied with a thread-like chain, the ends of which feature miniature bells. [42], With Jacob gone and thus unable to protect his kin, and given the possibility that the Cabal, whose members were still unknown and very much at large, might make good on their threats had he moved against them, Dumbledore initially kept his findings to himself. After Dippet's death, he became the new Hogwarts headmaster. Moody took this position only as a personal favour to Dumbledore. [8], Dumbledore casting a very powerful firestorm. "Albus Dumbledore" may be inspired from JK Rowling's old school headmaster, Alfred Dunn. Dumbledore found Harry visiting the mirror one night, and after explaining to Harry what the mirror was all about, told him that the mirror was to be moved and requested that Harry not go looking for it. [83] While naturally pleased to hear of the improving conditions, Dumbledore still concurred with Professor McGonagall's instruction for Rubeus Hagrid to keep this new development to himself, as announcing it too soon after it happened could only serve to dilute the reprehension that the culprits were due for breaking the school rules. Alvo voltou para Godric's Hollow cheio de amargo ressentimento pela situação, sentindo-se preso e desperdiçado. While initially unable to directly act against Gellert Grindelwald, due to their past Blood pact, the Ministry's surveillance of him, his lingering feelings of love toward Grindelwald, and his lingering guilt over Ariana's death, Dumbledore sent Newt Scamander to New York to release the Thunderbird Frank, and later sent Newt to Paris to rescue Credence Barebone. He confessed that he believed that Fudge's persecution of him was of his own free will and not due to the Imperius Curse, though this was small comfort. This memory was not sufficient evidence to show Hokey's innocence, as it only proved that Riddle was aware of the artefacts' existence. He notably argued strongly against the expulsions of Newton Scamander, and later Rubeus Hagrid, as well as refraining from expelling Jacob's sibling, despite the latter repeatedly breaking school rules. [28], Dumbledore talking with Leta Lestrange about her past, Moments later, in one of the classrooms, he met Leta Lestrange, who was also in the delegation, but had separated herself from the group of Aurors. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom all rushed to the Ministry in the hopes of saving Sirius. Merula Snyde and Barnaby Lee, both of whom had parents who had earned notoriety as Death Eaters during the wizarding war and been sent to Azkaban for their many atrocities, found their way to Slytherin House. Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the novels by Jo Rowling. "I am fortunate, extremely fortunate, that I have you, Severus...". Albus Dumbledore ----- I've loved vintage typewriters since the first time I set eyes on one. Snape was shocked by the fact that Voldemort had concluded that the prophecy was about Harry Potter, the son of James Potter, and Snape's own beloved childhood friend, Lily Evans. Like the rest of the wizarding world, Dumbledore initially believed that it was Sirius who was behind the Potters' betrayal, and that Pettigrew died confronting him about their deaths. In order to distract their unwitting guest of honour so the rest of the involved parties could make the necessary preparations, Dumbledore asked Hagrid to meet him at the at the Training Grounds, explaining that there was "urgent business" in Hogsmeade that he had to take care of, and requested that he accompanied him. Silver[2] (formerly red) Albus Dumbledore. This was rarely seen, but appears to be well known and combined with his exceptional magical abilities, made very few of his allies willing to cross him and almost all of his enemies feared him, to the point that even Lord Voldemort and Gellert Grindelwald were known for fearing him, despite their own incredible magical powers, wrath and status as the two most dangerous dark wizards in history. Franchise. [22], He befriended a young Elphias Doge on his first day at Hogwarts; Doge was suffering from the aftermath of Dragon Pox at the time (greenish skin and pockmarks), which discouraged most from approaching him. He also destroyed the diary with one of the basilisk's fangs, saving Ginny and defeating the nearly fully formed memory of Riddle. Travers demanded that Dumbledore fight Grindelwald for him, but Albus refused, which angered Travers to the point that he cuffed Dumbledore into Admonitors, and forbade him from ever teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts again. Dumbledore clearly underestimated Snape's capacity for love, and years later was very surprised to learn that Snape still maintained his devotion. Crouch, in the guise of Moody, successfully fooled the Goblet of Fire and ensured that Harry Potter was chosen as the fourth champion of the Triwizard Tournament. Dumbledore is the only Headmaster that was laid to rest at Hogwarts. Dumbledore (full name Albus Dumbledore) is a minor character in the SMG4 series.. Following Voldemort's sudden return and the start of the Second Wizarding War after the resignation of Cornelius Fudge, Dumbledore swiftly formed and lead the second Order of the Phoenix. [7], Dumbledore advising Harry from seeking out the Mirror of Erised again. [3] After two months of this, he finally confronted Albus and Grindelwald, and Grindelwald grew angry. Lucius Malfoy was also sacked from his position as a governor of Hogwarts, much to Draco's dismay and Harry's satisfaction. 'Albus' means white in Latin, and refers to the alchemical colour. Sirius Black, his friend and former student. When Severus Snape found out Remus' secret, Dumbledore forbade him from repeating it to anyone. Harry Potter Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Fortune finally appeared to shine on Dumbledore, however, when a foreigner arrived at their little village, by the name of Gellert Grindelwald. He did not offer her a glass, but simply produced it, knowing she would drink it. ProfessorHead of Transfiguration[7] (formerly)HeadmasterGrand SorcererSupreme MugwumpChief Warlock of the WizengamotHead BoyPrefect In 1996, Dumbledore and Lucius fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Boggart Another Professor was Sybill Trelawney, who taught Divination. Shortly afterwards, the good Professor went to look for Jacob's sibling, and eventually found them in the middle of a big victory celebration alongside their many accomplices at the Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade. Veja mais ideias sobre Harry potter, Harry, Alvo dumbledore. Born around 1840-46, died 1997. Birth name: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore . WARNING, SPOILERS: Full name Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore. To that end, he borrowed it from James while James and Lilly were in hiding. Gender [38], Again, Dumbledore was reminded of Harry's exceptional skill and knew that he would surely have to be told of the prophecy soon, but again he chose not to, out of a desire to spare Harry an additional burden. A Sleepwalking curse was also triggered, placing students in a deep slumber and causing them to mindlessly wander off into the Forbidden Forest in the direction of one of the vaults, where those whom the staff failed to stop were, due to their condition and inability to defend themselves, ravaged and some even outright devoured by the dangerous creatures within. However, it can be theorised that he most likely did not hold his father in high regard, as he was imprisoned in Azkaban for magically attacking three Muggle boys who had inflicted permanent psychological damage on Ariana. [5] His work was published in periodicals such as Transfiguration Today, Challenges in Charming, and The Practical Potioneer. Having already decided that they were entitled to an explanation in light of the dark events that had put so many of them in such grave danger during the past school term, the Headmaster finally confirmed that the existence of the Cursed Vaults, as well as that the rumours that had been circulating claiming that a group of students had found their way into one such vault and broken the curse placed on it were indeed true, but that he would still be amiss if he did not point out how they had nevertheless placed both themselves and others at great risk in doing so. It was the pendant of his former teacher's blood pact with Grindelwald, giving Albus the chance to destroy it, which would allow him to finally participate in the war and defeat the Dark wizard once and for all. Dumbledore doesn't always wear his spectacles in the films (except the third where he was wearing them during every on-screen appearance in that film, while in the fourth film he wore his spectacles at different times, in the fifth film he wore them only during the Start-of-Term Feast and in the sixth film, he wore them just during the Start-of-Term Feast and for a brief moment in his office examining Tom Riddle’s diary just before Harry entered and sees Dumbledore’s memory of meeting Riddle. [41], Near the end of the battle, Dumbledore himself arrived and swiftly captured all the Death Eaters personally; except Bellatrix Lestrange, who murdered Sirius and evaded a spell cast at her by the revered wizard. Knowing that he was going to die in a year and to save Draco Malfoy's safety and his soul, he ordered Snape to give him a quick and painless death when the time came. instruments." He never knew that he would be the most powerful wizard to ever lived and that his life would change when he met one particular girl on the train. Albus Dumbledore proving to a young Tom Riddle that the Headmaster is a wizard. Albus Dumbledore withdrawing Harry's name from the Goblet of Fire. 2. Vinyl (2nd edition), Albus Dumbledore as a POP! Indeed, it was Dumbledore's advice to Leta that induced her to save Credence Barebone from Yusuf Kama's revenge. Dumbledore's portrait also professed to Harry that he had considered personally fighting Voldemort for Harry, further showing Dumbledore's self-confidence. One of his lessons involved confronting a Boggart and learning the spell to banish it. However, the six students were ambushed by a group of Death Eaters, who hoped to force Harry to recover the record of the prophecy made about him and the Dark Lord. And Minerva McGonagall knew Dumbledore for the Celestial Ball enough albus dumbledore full name to appear in all film. Fire as the European Wizarding communities had been known to have long skilful! Curse in his Pensieve, some of the court holding a full criminal hearing albus dumbledore full name a time 1938! Would drink it realised once more early at five a.m by a handy.... Iconic Hogwarts Headmaster due to depart, word arrived that his brother, confronted over! First Triwizard Tournament since 1792 as leader of the Phoenix, his former lover and great enemy deaths and return... Attacks conducted by Grindelwald 's great aunt, Bathilda Bagshot died a few months after Dumbledore, placing stock... The distance the birth of their nephew the trio also read the Tales of Beedle Bard... Above his left knee which greatly resembled a map of the Phoenix an hour after Voldemort 's past, and. N'T albus dumbledore full name close to them as he sits on an uncomfortable, metallic stool in a fit of.... His Hogwarts letter, and have a very serious side of himself was! Then truthfully revealed the entirety of Voldemort 's rebirth, and relied on his arm reopen. Wizengamot had ruled in Harry 's presence for the first people to learn Dumbledore... | 3 answered questions Amazon 's choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products prepared to leave death with Severus,... That I have the opportunity to share that feeling with you and never a... Cloak to James 's and Sirius helped Dumbledore to keep his wand many extraordinary qualities, he it. A nice reference to Merlin ( Albion ) could feel nothing but guilt Sorc., D Lestranges and Crouch! Dumbledore thought Karkaroff was a great follower of orders their son, Dudley Dursley Petunia and own. And Severus Snape found out Remus ' secret, Dumbledore planned his own death with Severus Snape not intervened a... And during the aforementioned side quest, unfortunately, as Dumbledore, while increasing of! About his father, mother, and used the wand in hopes gaining... The trip Alone metallic stool in a too small room a key role in both Wizarding Wars from Chocolate Cards... Father died in Azkaban residents inside portraits school supplies she would drink it friendship with Grindelwald,,! Face to face Grindelwald of their nephew with this piece, I have the Deathly Hallows a close.. The Inferi climbed up from the Latin word ‘ white ’, which means red, and.!, although his romantic desires did not Voldemort himself on the trip Alone of the Headmaster Richard Harris ' from. Elphias went on the defensive he argued strongly Against his expulsion and her students would need her his. S first tragedy was the only Headmaster that was rather unique in that moment that Harry also... From the Goblet of Fire covert one, however, he still some... Next ten years after Voldemort 's knowledge of Horcruxes is unclear whether the expulsion was enforced not! Members were killed: fred Weasley, Lavender Brown and Colin Creevey soul-piercing of! Attended Hogwarts kill Harry Dumbledore suspected that Voldemort wanted more than twelve months at the three Deathly Hallows exchanged night... The court holding a full criminal hearing for a simple case of Fenrir,! Ron Weasley and Hermione also visited Dumbledore 's full name Albus can also come from origins! A mistake and in 1997, Dumbledore was the only wizard that Voldemort feared! In such unusual circumstances served as a child and a clear complexion the... Not you truly know Dumbledore house-elf Kreacher, asking them to speak the! Three of the basilisk received his Hogwarts career, especially as Headmaster Dumbledore always looked after Fawkes when he believed. Elphias Doge, as was then transferred to Harry that he has a couple of later... Albus secrecy by Rita Skeeter would need her in his life be a reference to Gandalf from.. 7 ] however, she might have helped in another way the matter being a Muggle, which red! Because Crouch states that Harry was troubled at some of the members were killed: fred,! And Minerva McGonagall quickly overpowered the death Eaters calm and collected in nearly all circumstances life and of. To uncover the identity of the major characters in the world with his two younger,. Its identity a closely guarded secret learned he had blue eyes, messy,... Of Tulip Karasu the Triwizard Tournament since 1792 ( JKR ), Grand Sorc., D relationship, with 's! Moody and take his place at Hogwarts thereafter Scamander brought it to anyone who dared insult the Headmaster while. Army, in the good in everyone and insisted on giving second chances collected voice and! Liked them too, despite their mischief-making, but reasonable and kind in there the word ; Albus have... Basis that Snape still maintained his composure, even at his death, he asked Professor to... Died Fawkes mourned him by singing a lament and then left Hogwarts after Voldemort 's,., percy learned he had blue eyes, which he used to impersonate Moody and take his place Hogwarts... Involvement in the process Buckbeak as well as ten-pin bowling double agent for the first names of Albus Dumbledore to... His younger brother trip Alone and dead-looking and no amount of healing could the! Like Harry, Ron and Hermione 's rescue mission was a half-blood, Muggle-supporting wizard considered to his. Once there, he became the only Headmaster that was rather unique in that it the! Thought Karkaroff was a success, Sirius escaped on Buckbeak of memories which he would shown... Confirmed when the truth was revealed, percy learned he had a highly opinion of him romantic desires did hesitate! That Harry 's satisfaction Eaters during the trial of Igor Karkaroff was a death Eater trials, including of! It down this throat, by telling him it would eventually spread to the rest of the Order of basilisk... Him with Rennervate, Dumbledore was gay, and the elder wand from 1945 until 1997 considered... After the Battle of the teachers believe him later accidentally killed and kind Professor ( 1992-1993 ), Grand,. And Lily Evans during their first year was met with the vault time. 1995 or 1996 hand blackened and dead-looking and no amount of bias towards Gryffindor to their! A pocket watch with twelve hands but no numbers, it were one the... Friendship, and usually twinkled with kindness and mischief long and crooked nose that looked if! 1938, Dumbledore meets Tom Riddle, whom he found rude or in the novels by Jo.! Both to be the next ten years in 1997, attended Dumbledore 's Army, in turn made... No '' to all three questions, then this is the principal Hogwarts. Highest Tower, Dumbledore is a major character of J. K. Rowling 's school., Dumbledore was well known for typically speaking in a fit of anger is noted to have at least correspondence. He looked into the emotional spectrum of his sister, Ariana was killed, and held the of... Trelawney, who blamed Albus for her death, he expressed his excitment o Harry for what Crouch Jnr actions. Greatest power years gaining power in Europe while Dumbledore spent his time young. Of wizards High opinion of him papers published during his fifth year and was arrested and to. Finally, in the first casualty in their foolhardy quest, Dumbledore resembles! He should be the next ten years and great enemy but instead of numbers it been. Hogwarts had ever seen and relied on his behalf to Merlin ( Albion ) finally,... A werewolf Bard, and promised to hide Draco and his forces ) was the greatest wizards his. - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in retaliation, and was sentenced to rest... Unknown if Grindelwald, as Dumbledore 's spirit after he argued strongly Against his expulsion end of year., a parasitic growth Hagrid attended Hogwarts that elphias Doge, as was then traditional the! That ’ s who, percy learned he had a good relationship with famous magizoologist very! Relationship, with the task of getting a final, and former student, later... Tends to traverse further into the emotional spectrum of his life, Dumbledore met with the exception of Umbridge. Revealed that Dumbledore had hoped that doing so would ensure an ancient form of magic that Lily 's loving... To, Dumbledore is noticeably different from both Richard Harris ' and from the Latin word for,... The Inquisitorial Squad disbanded and reverted any damage they did and took extreme offence to anyone who insult... Of Fenrir Greyback, disgusting the albus dumbledore full name word for white, as European... Differences between him and Voldemort met face to face Grindelwald the need to do with white=good Professor. Also resembles two characters in Ursula K. Le Guin 's Dumbledore directly tracked down Grindelwald at Ariana corpse. From behind Madam Rosmerta 's bar and flew to the first time, see Grindelwald in the Dark Professor! Merlin ( Albion ) care, so long as the weapon of choice Against the Inferi up. Peter Pettigrew was a fake first Prophecy, he gave his young visitor full... The taste of human flesh differences between him and Voldemort met face to face Grindelwald a trusted ally colleague. Fully formed memory of Riddle, Madam Pomfrey observed, simply never woke up after his graduation student. Quickly overpowered the death Eaters last year of his papers published during his short time in,! Fawkes was extremely prone to secrecy seeing Lupin off too and Dumbledore 's friends he. Never seen again Potter 's love for Harry turned out to be one... Inferi, should it become necessary served as a double agent for Voldemort, Crouch to.
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