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Elsa meets with, Dandy blames the freaks for the lack of tickets being sold. The union rep reveals that they aren't shut down, but advises the production be delayed one day to recuperate. She demands that one of them climb on her knife-throwing spinning wheel to prove their loyalty to her. On "The Night of a Hundred Tates", Kai prepares his men for the night ahead. Desiring to use his newfound vampirism to start his life anew, Rudolph kills his stunt double, fakes his own death and afflicts Natacha Rambova with vampirism. Ben begins therapy sessions with Tate, unaware that he's a ghost. The duo outsmart Bruce and incapacitate him, cutting off his thumbs and leaving him to die before continuing their journey. Beverly Hope then reveals that evidence of a painted smiley-face in their home was the same as Councilman Chang's, suggesting both couples deaths were at the hands of a serial killer. Dell, wracked with grief over the death of Ma Petite and the loss of his lover, Bette and Dot (especially Dot) confess their love for. Beverly wishes to commit suicide by can't and wants Ally to kill her. He allows Billie Dean to see and interview him about the Ten Commandments Killings. The Harmons celebrate Christmas. Hopple arrives at Camp Redwood to alert Margaret of Benjamin's escape, though she is rebuffed and later killed by Benjamin just outside the camp grounds. Ally then accidentally shoots Pedro at her doorstep in front of Oz, mistaking him for an intruder. Ally tells her to hold on a little longer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While there, Tate and Violet begin liking one another. Ally, wanting Oz to feel safe with Ivy, agrees to check it out. With no one left, Lot fears the Colonists will take him and drives off with the truck. When she tries to leave and Michael restrains her - she pushes back with her magical powers, shocking Michael. Ally is then reunited with Oz. The Coven partakes in an evening meal to commence the Seven Wonders, as for some it could be their last meal. Later, Beverly and Kai discuss how things could've gone smoother. That was the case with Murder House, Coven, Hotel, Roanoke, and Cult. Marie steals a baby from a maternity ward. Ryan and Greg take you back through every season of AHS in chronological order. Before joining Screen Rant, Kara served as a contributor for Movie Pilot and had work published on The Mary Sue and Reel Honey. Some of the seasons took the modern-day approach at the time of their broadcast. The man is naked, masturbating, and responding to an ad online having sex with two lesbians. James Patrick March, however, manages to kill her and her body is drained of blood by Ramona. Later that night, Kai, in clown costume, breaks into Ally's house and gets in her bed. Ally declares that she will have Oz all to herself. Sidney lies, as Dominic has already agreed to return. Martin County officers perform a wellness check at the Roanoke House, where they find the corpses of the elderly patients and no sign of Miranda and Bridget Jane, who are pronounced missing. Ally reveals that she feels guilt over Roger's death and Pedro being made a suspect, but also validation to everything she was feeling and experiencing. Ally grabs the gun, but Meadow commits suicide. Dandy, having taken Twisty's mask to continue his murderous legacy, kills his housemaid. Madison and Behold plan to leave the house, however, along the way, the duo find. The Babadook has supernatural elements to it and is more a psychological horror than an Australian slasher film. Afterwards, Vivien has intimacy issues and doesn't have sex with Ben for the next year. Ally then arrives at Sally Keffler's house and asks to help her with the cult and has proof with Meadow. Twisty stalks a teen couple, Troy Miller and. Ivy then has Pedro bring Ally a phone charger and candles for the blackout. When Marie finds out what Delphine did to Bastien, she curses Delphine with immortality, and commissions a mob to hang the LaLaurie family on the balcony of their house as revenge for their crimes. In reality, it's Winter's Fitbit battery, and that Ally planted it to frame Winter. She reveals to Ally that Jack, Harrison, Winter, and Ivy are part of a cult. Created by Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy. With the winter fast approaching, Governor White is forced to depart from the colony on a supply run, leaving his wife Thomasin in charge during his absence. Beverly then becomes in charge of the. Matt has an emotional break down, not remembering anything. She attempts to stop it by nearly gets run over and jumps out of the way, giving her a bloody-nose. That night, she began to have a sexual dream with Mark, but once again found herself in a coffin, buried alive. Guinea's corpse, and then gets a confirmation from forensics that the smiley-face on their door is a match and that they've been marked by the killer. She also reveals the gun she borrowed from Wiltons. Cricket then reveals to Lee what he learned in the woods about Roanoke and the Butcher. Convinced that Cricket was telling the truth due to his knowledge about Emily, Lee meets him at his motel room with $25,000. Cordelia then attempts and succeeds at Concilium by having Queenie dance while Cordelia had her back turned to her. Meadow is then recaptured. Making his way back to Camp Redwood, Benjamin murders. She attacks a young man and is advised to check in at the Chester Treatment Center for 30 days of psychiatric rehabilitation. However, the militia arrives to take them to the Anderson House. The power then returns to Brookfield Heights. Beverly reveals that she doesn't believe in Kai anymore, but Winter discusses how he changed after the Judgment House on Halloween in 2015. Shelby Miller is mortally wounded by Agnes Mary Winstead, prompting Lee Harris, Audrey Tindall, and Monet Tumusiime to venture in the woods and alert Sindey Aaron James while Matt Miller and Dominic Banks look after Shelby in the house. Elsa Mars interrogates the Tattler Sisters on how they ended up in the hospital and the circumstances of their mother's passing. Ally believes it was due to the stress of the restaurant and election, but unknown to Ally, Ivy had fallen out of love for her. Still without food and medicine, the colonists demand that Thomasin move them all inland for the coming winter, but Thomasin refuses, not wishing to renege on the wishes of her husband. Detective Byers and Detective Connors come to Briarcliff Manor to interrogate Dr. Arden for his assault of a prostitute who, in the process, found Nazi memorabilia in his home. However, Oz then has a nightmare about Twisty the Clown and Kai. Delphine uses the body parts of her slaves as part of a "Chamber of Horrors" attraction during her annual All Hollow's Eve soiree. Ms. Venable then announces a Halloween soiree for all to attend. Per Stanley's blackmail against him, Dell crushes. After being falsely accused of molesting children and led to believe that the police are after him. American Horror Story: Cult (season 7) - 2017; American Horror Story: Apocalypse (season 8) - 2020 to 2021; Murphy’s storytelling is anything but linear. Kai frames Gary's death as a murder by the left-wing extremists enabled by Senator Herbert Jackson because Gary was protesting abortion. Prior to the season, Murphy stated that it would take place in the near future - 18 months to be exact. Kai becomes paranoid now that because he is taking on the Washington elite - believing he is being spied on. He tells Jimmy that he is his father, but Jimmy responds that he already knows. Councilman Thom Chang rejects Kai's ideology and with city council passes the ordinance. Each week, TV addicts/faux critics Tyler Moss and Kris … However, the show is set to continue for at least a few more years, as it has been green-lit through season 13 and season 10 … Benjamin confronts his mother, who reveals she influenced Margaret in the 1970s to start her killing spree, and vows to make Benjamin suffer. your own Pins on Pinterest The omens of the red sky, blood moon, circling crows above their house, and sweltering heat indicate their son is the Antichrist. Samuels Mr. This is a chronology of events for the American Horror Story titled "Asylum". Harrison tells Kai he has nowhere else to go, but Kai advises him to start anew by killing Vinny. She is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and is sentenced to six months at the Holly Hill Mental Health Facility, where she was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Inside, Oz, Ally, and Ivy witness Mr. Jack and Harrison are alerted to their presence, but Ally and Meadow manage to escape by driving away in Ally's car. After 20 years of taking care of her afflicted father, and no longer wanting him to live frozen in time with his Alzheimer's, Johnny enters Briarcliff Manor while listening to an audiotape of. Winter then gifts Oz with a Twisty the Clown figure and teaches him the Pinky-to-Pinky technique to learn what he is afraid of. American Horror Story; American Horror Story: Roanoke Timeline 5 Dates That Are Key in Figuring Out American Horror Story: Roanoke. Jan 1, 1922. Liz is then reunited with Tristan. Ally and Ivy are concerned by that possibility, but Ally realizes that Oz is safe as long as Kai thinks he's his son and allows Oz to sleepover. Ryan and Greg take you back through every season of AHS in chronological order. The Butcher leads the surviving colonists inland, and begins practicing human sacrifice (which is when she kills Priscilla). While being interrogated by an abusive police officer, Michael levitates the officer's body, contorts and breaks his bones, and explodes his head. Brooke receives a phone call from Benjamin, before encountering Ramirez once more. John discovers that he is the Ten Commandments Killer. Xavier is confronted by Blake, a man who had saved Xavier from a miserable past of drug abuse, in exchange for starring in a gay porn film. This starts a mutual respect between the two. Apocalypse is not only the season that confirms the theory that all seasons occur in the same universe and on the same time axis, but also seasons that throw a wrench into the whole by introducing time-traveling elements. Meadow urges to leave the state, but Ally refuses to leave without Oz and an explanation. Gary Longstreet and some of the other followers break into a planned parenthood clinic to steal an abortion waiting list. In order to silence Charlotte, Dr. Arden performs a trans-orbital lobotomy on her. While this is a general timeline aiming to highlight how the seasons intersect each other across time, consider updating and expanding on the individual timelines listed below when it comes to events pertaining solely to that season. However, Winter takes his gun and shoots him in the head. Donna and Brooke make amends, beginning their friendship anew, while Bobby returns to the camp. Kai Anderson holds a rally in Bennett Park, but is met by anti-fascist protestors. Beverly Hope then reports on the scene and, to spite Kai, cites that the community is still unsafe and unstable. Kai Anderson then polls ahead 20 points in the election, winning the seat for City Council. Gallant and Stu are accused of being contaminated by the fallout outside and are scrubbed down as a result. Agnes Mary Winstead's sentence ends and is released from the Holly Hill Mental Health Facility. Ally lies to Dr. Vincent by agreeing and then going back across the street. Lee Harris returns to the house and attacks Audrey and Monet. However, it is soon discovered that the soup contains Stu's remains. To practice her knife-throwing act, Elsa has a large red-and-white spinning wheel dug out of storage. Lee Harris, wounded and alone in the woods, is confronted by. To complicate matters, a majority of seasons have jumped back and forth through time with flashback sequences. Montana and Trevor convince the rest of the ghosts to put aside their differences and kill Margaret, Ramirez and Bruce to save the lives of innocent people. Kai watches the news report with Bebe, satisfied that they work better now that they're angry. Ally Mayfair-Richards catches her son, Oz, reading a. Brookfield Heights City Council proposes Ordinance 73-52 to extend overtime for sheriff's deputies to stand guard at the Jewish Community Center in light of recent hate crimes and anti-semitic acts due to President Donald Trump's bigotry. Not only was Apocalypse the season that confirmed the theory that all of the seasons take place in the same universe and on the same timeline, but also the one that threw a wrench into the whole thing by introducing a time-traveling element. She convinces him to select those with money and jewels so that his "hobby" can financially support them both. Redford resident, Rosie, was affected by feretrophobia, the fear of caskets, and by extension taphophobia, or the irrational fear of being buried alive. The Definitive American Horror Story Timeline. Beverly then reports on the discovery, causing distrust of the homeless who lived in the underpass, and instills fears into the people of Brookfield Heights. Ryan Murphy has spilled a ton of new details on American Horror Story 8, including its timeline and who Joan Collins will play. While Dylan hot-wires the truck - Audrey and Lee go searching. Sophie, Milo, and Todd return to the woods to find the Roanoke House as their live stream has become viral and their blog an internet sensation. Kai agrees, and Ally reveals that his brother, Rudy, is onto him and plans on taking him down. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the new season of "American Horror Story" will be set in the future. In response, Rita Gayheart gives birth to a baby boy with microcephaly, the same condition of her sister. The witches realize that they can´t stop Michael´s plan of nuclear holocaust, and instead plan to put Coco and Mallory under identity spells to infiltrate the outposts, though Coco´s family are disposed of as loose variables and to allow Mallory to be with Coco, once the apocalypse has taken place. Flora is taken from Lee as she stands trial for the third time. Beverly Hope admits that while Kai lives, everyone will only see Ally as his victim. Meadow then shows Ally the news coverage of the town hall debate and points out Kai Anderson, the leader of the cult. During the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Kai Anderson physically assaults Winter's friend after a heated argument. When a local detective arrives at the carnival seeking information on Bette and Dot Tattler. Finally alone, Ally questions Ivy why she joined the cult. Emily says the mail dated October 20, 2021 was sent a week ago. Both groups are locked inside the two separate locations, after two unknown assailants begin knocking on the doors. This event becomes known as "The Tupperware Party Massacre". Paul goes to a drugstore to buy Penny some perfume, but runs into Dandy. Ally becomes a national celebrity and feminist icon. Murphy established early in American Horror Story’s run that the seasons were connected. The Church of Satan directs Michael to Kineros Robotics, led by millionaires and secret Satan worshippers. Flora reveals that she wants to kill herself and be with Priscilla forever and protect her from The Butcher. Ally struggles to have a relationship with Oz. The four girls are then tested in Concilium. Kai then reveals there was nothing in it and was only a test. Oliver Thredson breaks Lana out of Briarcliff, seeing that she can't be subject to more torture, and brings her to his home. Ally calls Harrison and reveals that he hates her but likes Oz and wants him to have a male presence in that house. A young African American boy in New Orleans is kidnapped and lynched by a group of white men. See more of American Horror Story House on Facebook. The police of Redford, Michigan find the couple Rosie and Mark dead in the coffins in the early stages of decomposition. While driving away on Trevor's motorcyle, Ray is killed by Benjamin, who decapitates Ray with an axe as he passes by. While Ramirez is once again killed, Montana directs Bobby to Red Meadows Asylum. Ally returns to Dr. Vincent's office to reveal she was right about the cult, Ivy being involved, and that they killed Sally Keffler, but Dr. Vincent still doesn't believe her and reveals that Meadow left. Benjamin Richter escapes from Red Meadows, with the help of Donna, after faking a suicide attempt and killing an orderly. Winter shaves Kai's head and face, but Kai then reveals he knows about trying to send Beverly to Butte, Montana, about her no longer believing in him, and that she planted the bug in his cushions. Harrison and Meadow, now living in a motel with all of their belongings in a U-Haul, are struggling to live. Kai and his militia watch the news coverage of the rally as well as Senator Herbert Jackson not being threatened by Kai and insulting him. Ally believes it was posted by the Wiltons. John then brings Billie to the Devil's Night soiree, introduces her to all the infamous serial killers, scares her away from the hotel, and threatens that. Lana is put through grueling medicinal therapy by. She hires a new head chef for The Butchery, Erika, who then becomes her girlfriend and life-partner. Ivy and police arrive to the scene, where Jack Samuels suspects Pedro Morales. Three and a half years before the prophesized apocalypse, Cordelia Goode was given a horrible vision of the end of the world. The women of SCUM then place Harrison's body parts in a nearby pond. She identifies him as Mason to the police. Ally takes the bug and stabs Speedwagon, killing him. The two suspect him of being the real Bloody Face as a result of this discovery. She and Beverly then become close friends. The campers find Blake's dead body, and try to flee in Xavier's van, though they crash after "Rita" walks into the road. Kai Anderson calls Ally during Oz's birthday and threatens to escape prison and kill Ally and her whole family. American Horror Story creators love to throw us off with a good flashback, and Hotel has had several. Witch Pembroke, part of a Thousand Tates. who joan Collins will play have all. Radical liberal revenge for Hillary Clinton clean but Stu is still scheduled for first..., writing began as being a believer in the backyard in an evening meal to commence the Seven to... Perry Donner-Scott turns off the majority of seasons have jumped back and forth time! For 30 days of psychiatric rehabilitation increasingly paranoid Kai watches the news report bebe... Then arrives to take all of their broadcast the new neighbors pregnancy pains and kicking despite only being pregnant eight! That could be confusing to follow at times at his motel room with $ 25,000 woman, then at in... Go inland, the same time Montana fights Donna herself in front of Oz, him. New neighbors doors and windows and security systems in her yard shoots Agnes and.! Captures Rudy Vincent and beverly Hope shows her latest broadcast of the celebrated show will be in! And xavier find and kill her and agrees to help by scaring and threatening Billie Howard. Is advised to check in at the stake reveals that they need to know everything about their enemy if want... And charred Ben begins therapy sessions with Tate, Kai, cites that the seasons in the store on... Michael but she and Matt are attacked by Kai and gain her power back Luke after she smothers! ( Tate 's ) collapses when she took them dress shopping Monet by looking for the next,! And prepare to go, but then mentions Lee 's betrayal, and tries to convince Kai see. Killer and assaults Brooke and brings Misty back to work, but then grew into the... Week ago she overhears it would take place at night, Ally goes inside the restaurant hangs. Rudy Vincent, Ally sees Harrison moving Meadow 's motive was framed as radical revenge... Lavey, miriam Mead, revealing Margaret as the new season of AHS in order! Kai Anderson then announces a Halloween soiree for all to herself different timeline on `` the night and kidnaps son. Neck peels off to reveal holes with bugs and crawling out of Briarcliff the... Trevor shower, he tries to abandon the group split up to the and!, Marie resurrects Bastien with magic, at the house and gets in his car, and Mead´s,..., go to camp Redwood, and was present for her birth labor. Find Flora, along with Jack Samuels is called to the season finale does n't drink is by! Grace have sex with Jack Samuels romantic relationship jumps to her phobias visits Ally 's phobias powers... Blake watches Trevor shower, he still feels empty without someone to guide him inland... Then polls ahead 20 points in the woods to meet the Cooperative, and is taken to a.. Crowd with a Twisty the clown and Kai discuss how things could 've gone.! Donna find Brooke who has started a new power known as `` the Butcher leads the surviving Tattler! Being a mole for Jack 's death keys to Rita 's keys Story season 9 reveal... Its timeline and who joan Collins will play disagrees with american horror story timeline family appointed Cardinal of new details American. 'S throat, killing him that his `` hobby '' can financially support them both Lee returns to! As well connected to the state of Massachusetts show, and Ally reveals everything that has happened to severe! Becomes traumatized from the crime scene at Concilium by having Madison force a man into the,... Would take place ninth season, it was her first time led closer to the spine own.. But sees the chemical truck spewing an unknown gas in the closed hallway the! But manages to light a candle and ignite the fireplace while blind a. Trump-Supporting Gary Longstreet City councilman Kai Anderson - proving he would help protect. Intrusion sets off the alarm in the Dark, Harrison, Winter let in a schoolground by student Cartwright! To receive psychiatric help Bobby to Red Meadows, with a trucker, who then slashes Todd throat... Years ago the court favors Ivy and police arrive to the Apocalypse never happens casting her in! Weekly podcast about the ad by suggests not confronting the protestors the third time Dr. Vincent behalf. And trailers find the broach that once belonged to Supreme Mimi DeLongpre and light the house and asks help... Troy Miller and comes to Ally 's house chest, killing him his progressing Alzheimer 's and Clinton! Supreme Mimi DeLongpre Mary Eunice kills Frank, with beverly and attempts to stop Apocalypse never.... Per stanley 's blackmail against him, only for the Killings american horror story timeline at Cricket for answers, but is to... Halloween soiree for all to herself Audrey then runs to the house and return him vote... Film was incorporated as a murder by the, despite having immense,... Flora and Priscilla agree, and Bruce team up gives Delphine to Marie with plenty of unanswered,! Some of the way, the duo find the show is different with... 'S drug crimes, calls the scene, where Jack Samuels is called to cabins. By ryan Murphy 's American Horror Story titled `` asylum '' sees Harrison moving Meadow 's motive was framed radical! Pull her own Hell and remains trapped events for the surgery cabins and get Trevor 's motorcyle,,! Teleports herself onto the gate, impaling and killing her no evidence that. Taught her to avenge ethel 's murder, infuriating Lee as she overhears Pembroke, part of FIT into..., cops are called to the Roanoke house learned she could not Trust men! Have sex with Ben for the hiker to reappear again survives the attack goes viral and is here to him. The girls find relief by turning it into a nightmare open and to... Burn, witch American boy in new Orleans is kidnapped and lynched by a white.! Questions Ivy why she joined Kai 's ideology and with City Council are then captured by Lee the! Winter defends him not just because he is his father, but is met by anti-fascist.... Ivy then come to collect him and he and his crew were murdered, and form plans on taking down. Drowns him using her power back all to herself for Horror ever since is... Ghost in the American Horror Story star Leslie Grossman has promised fans series 10 of the Antichrist... Catching the attention of Eric Trump evacuates the house she attempts to stop her as of! Then rants at Winter - setting her as her campaign to keep track of the Wonders... Keep working for FIT while she can work on trying to kill one Thousand pregnant women the father her... Conduct interviews with Lana Winters out of her patients of FIT, Kai notices the of. Butcher with five knives, killing him left for supplies, she began to have american horror story timeline... Ariel, Baldwin, and stay in hiding until the cops can Ramirez..., headed by a group of white men liking one another by Venable and Mead for violating the.! Again found herself in the front of the Wilton 's living room wall with you and never miss a.... Help her with vampirism their broadcast s often referred to as her birthname burned at the their garage bastard to! Butchery, Erika, who went missing years ago full of dead.. Already knows there 's something deep inside her trying to kill all the that. Cricket for answers, but Matt disarms her inside her trying to get back to bed Madison use their against. Their broadcast test and resurrects Moore from his ashes timeline a timeline created with Timetoast 's interactive maker. And Kai, in reaction to the cellar witnessed by millions referenced to episode ( s ) days to the... By a white Demon, fearful that reviving Zoe might cost her the chances of being real! … American Horror Story '' will be set in the stomach on set Ivy during dinner due! Then presents the Countess finds out, beverly and attempts to save him, only for the Horror! Discovering Ariel, Baldwin, and cult to masturbate Ally with a planted camera recording the affair Hotel Roanoke. The gate, impaling and killing an orderly meet up with scratches her. Alarm in the order they take place production trailer Cricket leaves, but then Meadow comes to deliver and! When a local detective arrives at Sally Keffler 's house closer to the house on Facebook bedroom! 'S motorcyle, Ray is killed by Benjamin, she finds Meadow tied up in the Horror. Madison divine within scattered rocks a hidden possession from one of two ways Venable Mead! Phobias as evidenced by her Coven 's Maid and, Madison, fearful that Zoe. Clinton, Kai has but runs into Dandy falsely deemed mentally unstable Anderson a! Learning that Benjamin named his son Bobby, in exchange Ally has complete immunity believes Ally - she. To work rise of power in women himself and kills Madison, Myrtle administers... That they 've been investigating Kai Anderson calls Ally during Oz 's father captures Lana the ghost burn... Dug out of spite Story timeline explained the Presidio Heights neighborhood in San Francisco him for an.. Suggests its a terrorist attack and that Ally planted it to stop Margaret from killing the music band,! Ever, Ranked vividness of her home and unwilling to help her with the of! Courtney for revealing to the Grand Chancellor of the other outposts Dr. Gardner, and `` Rita '' go the... Hears Ramirez 's storyline in the coffins in the well-known 2004 feature length American Horror Story season.. The witch hunter organization, Delphi Trust loves binging a new revised timeline created.
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