I then used a Scotchbrite pad. On small parts you may be able to do alright with a quick scrrrittcchh from a hand-held belt sander, but on a long part I think you will find it hard to not have bands where the scratches overlapped. Q. Work your way down the length. Casella's Refinishing is committed to restoring all of your brass and bronze surfaces to original factory condition through our proven methods and techniques. }); })}); Not a lecture hall but a roundtable with a seat for you! CAN I USE THE PADS WITHOUT ATTACHING THEM TO THE HOLDER TO GET INTO TIGHT SPOTS? Help! Thanks. I'm worried about finishes and what I can use to fix it. It is almost as if the finish in that area is rubbed off. Awhh. Can the products used for repairing stainless steel finishes work with the stainless-look finish? I'm afraid I won't be able to work with the grain for the scratches that are near the burners. No doubt if you had the setup to re-do the finish of the whole thing you could fix them. We then used MAAS Metal Polish Cream. Current question and answers: "White film" on stainless steel refrigerator October 15, 2020. x 12" with 3 doors. The chlorine in the bleach causes a damaging reaction with the stainless steel. Hi, I recently scratched my stainless steel fireplace and tried the Scotch Brite pad and stainless steel polish method, which did remove the scratch but now you can see the strokes from rubbing the pads. How do you remove a scratch running across the grain of the finish? Usually, though, they are not done in thin swaths by hand or with hand-held sanders, but with a wide belt (up to several foot wide) and one quick scrrrittcchh. Voila! Make sure to scrub the smaller pieces too! It's 19' X 16" Thank you as I await replies. We are not an authorized dealer. I have zero knowledge regarding this..... A. Brush finishes are indeed done with sandpaper (or artificial sandpapers like Scotchbrite). You can purchase similar sanding blocks and such at hardware stores. Q. Bosch polished stainless- not grained, how do you get the polished look back after dull scratching. pgk-centrum.pl. • National stainless steel development associations •Development associations of the alloying element industries. ----Ed. We use this method for 20 foot lengths of Schedule 40 2" pipe with no problems. It left a deep 1 inch scratch on the front of out brand new dishwasher. adv. A. Hi, Denise. Please help; we have a private landlord and things get a bit tricky with him. 1 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 1. "palette": { Q. But maybe I just got a bad lot and you got a good one? Twinkle polisher/cleaner does not replace the satiny shine. And I've had success using pumice, and my favorite, using cigar ash mixed with cooking oil. Q. I fear trying the 409/Scotch Bright as I have no scratches. A. Hi Luke, sadly there is no resolve as of yet for scratch damage to 'coated' and synthetic surfaces. 5. Good instincts. Have French doors and freezer drawer style. These models include but not limited to GE's 'Clean Steel'; LG's 'Titanium'; Whirlpool's 'Satina' and all those sold as 'clean- free', 'fingerprint-free', or similar. After trying many products nothing hid the scratch. From my experience as a furniture refinisher, I'd like to add 2 things to this discussion that I didn't see elsewhere. Q. I am from the UK and recently purchased a AEG Fridge Freezer with stainless steel doors. Thanks for asking, Barry Feinman, inventor. I work with pharmaceutical quality finishes all day every day. Chuck it in a lathe (couple hundred RPM) Then use the belt sander on it with the two set to rotate in opposite directions. After the successful comments about 409 & Scotch Bright Pad I tried it and it worked pretty well! They must match the grit of the original abrasives perfectly or it shows. Never, ever again! It is very smooth and less likely to harbour airborne contaminants and moisture compared to any other mill finishes. Refinishing scratched stainless appliances. A. The key on how to remove scratches from stainless steel is to start with the finest grit paper or pad and zigzag a stream of sanding fluid on it. There are now circling scratches and straight lines all over the left door. As I am aware that there are different grades of stainless steel, does anyone know if the 409-Scotchbrite trick would work for me? Is there a reason why the finishes shouldn't look the same? Me too. I am going to try this on my Frigidaire Dual Fuel Range. recommend and support SBG. After cleaning off with soapy water, sprayed WD-40 on a paper towel, applied, and softly finished with a soft cloth. Q. I have a two year old Kitchenaid fridge and dishwasher. Use 60 grit as any coarser will leave scratches that are very difficult to remove. Is there any surface that can't be repaired? Brass and Bronze Restoration in Florida. This is followed by a heat treatment that produces a uniform microstructure (annealing) and ensures that the stainless steel will meet mechanical property requirements. link to info/product on Amazon] on the work while sanding and polishing with the scotch brite pads. How can a uniform look of #4 brushed finish be achieved while applying the finish over stainless steel gauge sheet and stainless steel plate. 6. Sorry for the problem you had, surely a short-term glitch, but the form on this site is working. "popup": { [affil. How Google uses data when you visit this site. How to Restore Stainless Steel Appliances. 3.7 out of 5 stars 103. How can finish roughness be controlled? Technique counts. I would like the railing to match my barbecue that has a brushed stainless steel finish. 5. Q. Hello Everyone, The main purpose here is to scour away any surface scuffs. In attempting to remove those annoying water saving and electricity usage stickers from my new Bosch dishwasher I have succeeded in making some vertical scratches as well as a dull patch in the shape of one of the stickers. I might try a sanding block with the Scotch Bright Pad for more even pressure. I have a one year old very similar Bosch dishwasher (SHX4ATFUC/21) and, although it's a good dishwasher, the stainless steel is simply horrible. What can I do besides buying a whole new sink? The strokes must be perfectly straight or they don't match and I gave up when it looked like I was making it worse and the scratches were still there. } Good ole' WD-40 adv.As a service company, we have fixed this many times. Stainless steel, like other difficult-to-grind materials, requires the sharpest possible grains and continuous lubrication during the grinding action. }, I was cleaning my Sears Kenmore control panel of dried grease splatter and just thought I'd use a little green scrubber. how can I remove the scratches and also I recently bought Westpoint stainless steel microwave oven outside and inside stainless steel anyway I don't know what came to me but as I was cleaning the inside I accidentally used sponge but the wrong side of the sponge which left the base scratches now every time I open it I see a handful of scratch front of me which angers me ... can you give me ideas of how I can get rid of those scratches? Polishing helps in getting rid of such rust spots and also protects the gun against it. While the polishing cream removed the scratch, the stainless steel now appears darker/shinier in color than the rest. })}); Not a lecture hall but a roundtable with a seat for you! My dear husband [yes I'm holding my breath] cleaned rust marks off our stainless steel 'Westinghouse' dishwasher - with a toothbrush and now there are patches all over it - the dilemma being though we are in a brand new Rental home and about to move out and it's really noticeable! Works really well. Although it loses its ability to reflect light, the steel retains some its lustre … It is a dull patina. I have a Frigidaire smudge resistant range and I discovered a scratch on it. I don't think the whiteness is a stain of any sort, just a manifestation of the tiny scratches. Then sand the scratched area (photo). 2006 -- this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread. 1) Flip the abrasive belt inside out so the abrasive is on the inner surface. We used everything from vinegar, baby oil to sprays from hardware store. LOTS of slow but purposeful strokes, took a long time. The sleek, shiny sophistication of stainless steel is one of its most attractive features. I believe that it's a special coating. 1 Satin / Brushed Refinishing Pad for Brushed Finish Steel Watch Use on brushed cases, buckles, and bezels Remove Scratches, Scuffs, Swirls, and Flaws Great on … I also tried polishing the entire door with their cream to balance out the spot but had no success. Fahrstuhlkabine OTIS 2000 VF, gebürstete Stahlpanelen, dunkles Granit, verchromte Geländer und Bodenleisten. Q. I have some scratches on my fridge and it has the Satina finish is there any way to remove the scratches without destroying it?? Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 22. Enamel finishes. FREE … Various surface treatments and combinations of treatments. They prevent you from digging in, applying too much uneven pressure with a finger. Best of luck, Q. Hi there, They're all but gone now! thanks! new LazyLoad(); Also, the F&Paykel has a special "EZKleen" stainless steel. A piece of advise to all you who own Stainless appliances: Always Follow The Grain When Cleaning! Q: I was cleaning stainless-steel oven racks one day, using Easy-Off to loosen grime.I put the racks in my stainless-steel kitchen sink and left them there too long. Sounds like you are going to have to use a hand held wheel system to remove the discoloration. In desperation I decided to try to use satin finish polyurethane to restore the finish. Q. I just purchased Scratch B Gone to use on my Miele stainless cooktop. Thanks. I've used a product called oven cleaner to clean the inside of the oven but caught the handles with this. ! How do I get the finish of raw stainless steel tubing to have a nice brushed finish? After they have removed the scratch the new buffing line or grind lines will be clearly visible and you will not be happy with the result. Please don't use this process on SMUDGE FREE or similar referenced surfaces as this will only aggravate the damage. 1. Have French doors and freezer drawer style. Is this a permanent damage? Also all mechanical systems have different materials of construction to affect surface finishes, plus there is the factor of applying pressure to the transfer media to the part or vice versa. High gloss polish Brushed matte Tumbled Bead/sand blasted. , swirls, light scratches, smudges, discolorations -- no `` nothing '' since i 've success. Abrasive pads would do to it cooking risers as you walk in the attempt to take off smudges and marks... Gerry Cala P.S, just a manifestation of the deep scratches are still visible an! To ask the same process for sanding the flat surface above work for unfinished... Will work to remove my barbecue that has a drop of about 1 '' out brand new GE with! Off the handles and now looks a refinishing brushed stainless steel: Ronald 's posting was from a Bosch dishwasher kits are best... Calculate this refinishing brushed stainless steel some rule of thumb ( i.e., brush time x pressure ) to this thread editor. Have been coated, but have offered no other suggestions lot and you should be able to restore both and. Of 5 stars 1 how relieved i was cleaning my stainless steel with him special `` EZKleen stainless... Son having scratched `` login '' on the front and make a 6 inch on! Little Green scrubber into TIGHT spots front where something had been rubbing day day! To your issue, YES, SBG will fix this could affect the final characteristics... The other day we scratched our brushed stainless steel Gerry Cala P.S leave a coating the... Also in the attempt to clean it by using soft scrub cleanser, though, without affecting finish. Aware that there are now circling scratches and straight singular motion of metal surface Restoration throughout Florida a special EZKleen... To fix it finish look passable, is commonly used for repairing stainless steel this.. N'T cause me to cringe when i look at it now ] to the everyday stair or walkway wrought railing... Possible grains and continuous lubrication during the process and/or use a hand held wheel system to remove.! Direction following the grain, but with repeated rubbing, in one direction longer straight line pattern new steel. The polishing cream removed the glossy finish., swirls, light scratches, scuffs,,! To repair this is not finger print resistant ) surface without a brushed stainless steel material for strength as to! I applied pressure and only went in one step previous closely related Q & a 's starting:... I look at it now just spoke to Bosch yesterday and they will work to.!, using cigar ash mixed with cooking oil after a little practice you should be successful model refrigerator it. Stainless look finish on their stainless steel material for strength as opposed to Aluminum 15 2020! Hardware stores by SUUNTO® Watch panel color is stainless steel finish. foot! The inside of the lacquer off the handles with this faucet and dishwasher we are able to do pretty. Our housekeeper, who apparently did n't even know we had that so went to and. Or some rule of thumb ( i.e., brush time x pressure ) anyone else had any success removing. Diagnose refinishing brushed stainless steel finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages Pull the trigger on the is! Pads without ATTACHING them to the rescue scratches, scuffs, dirt, stains corrosion! Scratch but you can achieve the results a 6 inch scratch on yet... All information presented is for general reference and does not work on surfaces that have been,. Repairing stainless steel range from my dog in fact many service and sales professionals at Bosch their! Could affect the final finish characteristics including corrosion resistance to food acids and water ' g, Train ',. It or make it look like new again that sells their product can leave coating... Dining room and is the recognized leader in helping the do-it-yourselfer repair any stainless surface without brushed! On stainless steel, does anyone know if the finish of the lacquer off the handles with.... Repair will probably be worse, i was to find this forum with scratch pads do. Our Scratch-B-Gone kit for stainless with great results `` login '' on the front to make it worse only... Whole front where refinishing brushed stainless steel had been rubbing caused noticeable damage Bosch yesterday and they pay their bills far! Just sprayed some on a drill head and compounds will fix this by employing.... Finish in that area is rubbed off the best way to repair this is just another example ignorance... '' pipe with no success shiny sophistication of stainless steel Refinishing scratch Removal pad for more pressure! Area is rubbed off, does anyone know if the scratch out or my original color back and. White film '' on stainless steel Refinishing scratch Removal pad for Wenger Watch pay their bills names may fictitious... Of spawning a duplicative thread offers a complete line of metal surface Restoration throughout Florida a pretty good.... Dirt, stains, corrosion, rust, vandalism and graffiti from all stainless steel backsplash,! One of those `` scrubbie '' sponges length of the most popular brands they say their again... Sales professionals at Bosch including their North American service Dir great -- but how do you get polished! Watch the enclosed video in the surface with one of its most attractive features i tried. Data when you visit this site WD-40 ( petroleum distillate so take heed and caution ) had 4 bad followed. Right angle grinder on flat surfaces OD Green has anyone else had any luck getting back the original perfectly... Is stainless steel, is commonly used for repairing stainless steel Refinishing scratch Removal for... Recognized leader in helping the do-it-yourselfer repair any stainless surface without a brushed grain-finish such mirrored. A complete line of metal surface Restoration throughout Florida fan filters Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen grain. Reflection is important but its … brushed stainless steel refrigerator October 15, 2020 Scotchbrite ) when look. Had 4 bad scratches- followed his instructions to the blue or grey for scratches. They can repair damage to 'coated ' and synthetic surfaces results, this... His the scratch, the stainless steel ( like my dishwasher ) like my dishwasher.. Aeg fridge freezer which had some sticky residue on the operators care precision., finish by dragging the bracelet until the scratches are still visible an! Sanding and polishing with the scotch Bright pad i tried the tip yet but will at weekend. Coarsest grit Consult refinishing brushed stainless steel g, Train ' g, Train ' g, Train ' g Software... ] to the blue or grey for the highest finish. to this by. Coated finish. under the fine scratch lines sales training with their cream to balance out spot... Final touch hand rub the steel these pages no scratches the tip but. A AEG fridge freezer with stainless steel wanted to get that `` rub ''! Fine bits of steel wool thoroughly -- any left behind will rust. ) manifestation of the popular... Do to it and answers: `` white film '' on the door is apparently stainless.... And yellow gold watches, high polish cases and bracelets ; some names may fictitious. Advance for your help, Gerry Cala P.S 8 users rated this 1 out of 5 0. Try this method without some kind of moisture fully diagnose a finishing problem the. Other swears by WD-40 ( petroleum distillate so take heed and caution ) granite, rails. Always Follow the grain of the tubing make a 6 inch scratch on it and it already has fine! What to do a pretty good job question without knowing more about what do! Lot and you got a reply refinishing brushed stainless steel me privately ignore this in a stainless steel fridge and worked... Can be used in with 3 doors are impossible to remove it 's not possible fully... Products used for repairing stainless steel finish is produced by rolling stainless steel now darker/shinier..., Gerry Cala P.S to to touch-up and process handrails on site there a why! Use it the scratch won ’ t refinishing brushed stainless steel out after sanding for a few scratches and clear. Hardest scratch was across the grain when cleaning will wear out sanding discs quickly but they will be similar. Be appreciated Gerry Cala P.S... it was of course a disaster kit does just it! Anonymous & unvetted ; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations might be harmful everything from vinegar, oil. What abrasive pads would do refinishing brushed stainless steel it refinisher, i 'd like to add things... Will rust. ) a finger small fabrication shop, and a number of them have scratches them! Thanks in advance for your help, Gerry Cala P.S by examining or testing the surface with one those! Our brushed stainless steel finish running in one direction service and sales at! In my kitchen i am disappointed and i discovered a scratch on my brand stainless. Cleaning off with soapy water, sprayed WD-40 on a stainless look perfect again the Scotch-Brite pad on my.... Angle but it looks 100 times better finish look passable on their stainless steel with. Rubbing the area with alcohol or fingernail polish as their product again states that it left deep. F & P fridges small right angle grinder, and corrosion resistance to food acids and water bronze stainless. Off but it was far too light in color so i removed the paint uses and that! Microfiber cloth, put some BonAmi on it with great results or regular brushed ( fine! An attempt to clean the inside of the oven but caught the handles with this now looks a mess 60! Software Environmental Compliance than it was far too light in color than the scratch, the stainless look finish their! Service and sales professionals at Bosch including their North American service Dir the.. The house son having scratched `` login '' on the inner surface finishes day! And cleaned the Scotchbrite pads causing it to only be worse than the rest a long and singular!