reply, Carolina Country I have a tenant living with one. I lived with an electric dryer vented inside for about 16 years. Dryers are significant users of energy. You can’t do this with a gas dryer, only electric. I wouldnt do that. Here's a link that will help. Just make sure you have at least 2 rows of holes drilled all around the top rim of the bucket.You will have to empty the bucket now & then, depending on how much laundry you do. This "make-up" air will come in through every available hole and crack in the house, mixing with the air you've already heated or cooled and causing your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump to work even harder. And it's obvious from the picture there is not enough exhaust holes to allow proper venting. Remember to turn down the thermostat when burning a fire, and close the damper when a fire is not burning. March 05, 2018 | My dryer vents to our enclosed porch, so here's what I made. (03/29/2007). Gas dryers, by contrast, are required to vent dryer exhaust out of doors. Please share your solution! Save some money on heat this winter. How to install a dryer vent and make sure that it is safe. Get a dryer hose extension, the flexible plastic kind, cost is about $5.Cut a hole in the bucket lid that you can insert the end of the extension vent hose into. We have the electric dryer venting into the house rather than to outside because the dryer is in the middle of the house and the distance is too long for efficient venting. Most dryer ducts are round and 4 inches in diameter. In a recent issue of our newspaper, one of your fellow writers said it was OK to vent an electric (NOT GAS) dryer indoors to gain heat and humidity with an indoor-outdoor venting system. | | Clothes Dryer Exhaust Vent Installation, or dryer vent duct cuct intallation specifications. If you have an electric dryer, there may be some houses during some times of the year where using this strategy could be beneficial. Q My sister-in-law told me about a device she attached to her dryer vent that collects the lint and directs the air into the house instead of outside. (03/29/2007), Though my dryer is vented to the outside the lint was collecting in my flower bed. You could vent an electric dryer indoors safely but it can lead to too much humidity in the place and mold. But we don’t recommend it for two reasons. This is an important function because if the dryer is unable to vent the heat that is built up over the course of an operation, it may lead to a potential fire hazard . Any time you exhaust air from your house, an equal amount will be sucked in to make up for it. The devices that allow you to terminate the vent inside are a worst-case scenario treatment to allow you to have a dryer where one was never intended to be ( i.e., where there is no vent to outside). Mold and mildew? Dryer vents exist to ventilate the air from your dryer outside your home and get rid of the lint inside the machine. If you're worried about make-up air, seal your house. For electric dryers, it is Underwriters Laboratories UL 2158. The opening can be a primary entrance for mice and other unwanted roommates, so be sure to securely hook up your dryer vent and select a pest-preventing cap. Some people have had luck with putting the hose inside a glass 1 gallon jar, but you have to watch it so it gets emptied often. The secret to a NON fire hazard is Change the Stocking as soon as you can see it is half to three/quarters full to insure you get proper airflow and don't forget to vacuum out the inside of the dryer where the lint goes to the vent. How it that possible moist heat retards fire. The laundry is … May 29, 2014 | June 10, 2020 | Load up on savings with these laundry tricks. In extreme cases, the excess moisture can cause the wood in your home to rot. I doubt that it is safe to do otherwise. This style runs through an external wall, ending in a dryer vent cap outside of your home. The low relative humidity in homes creates problems of dry skin and nasal passages. October 18, 2017 | Any additional thoughts on this premise? My husband argues that it works best pointing away from source for whatever reason. Proper Venting. It was not problem and worked very well. December 28, 2017 | It might already be in the vent we disconnected as water used to pool in the bottom of vent after each cycle and drain in a puddle onto the floor. 1. This approach is experimental and highly controversial. But if you're inclined to do this, at the very least cut large 4" holes & optionally attach coarse stainless steel screen. Kathy from OH. "Fill the bucket halfway up with water. If you need more moisture in the winter, get a home humidifier. Just to review, it really isn’t a good idea to vent your dryer to inside your home. In general, dryer vents work to remove heat exhaust from the dryer during its operation. During winter did add needed humidity to the line dryer vents to our enclosed,. Cons: are indoor dryer vent is necessary for homes and other dwellings that can not an. 'S solution looks like a bigger version of what i made be extremely dangerous, of! Of this and re-route the dryer and extend it over the house can cause mold and condensation problems the clothes. 'D do it again if i didn ' have an electric dryer in interior... Remember to turn down the thermostat when burning a fire hazard didn ' have an outlet through it. Dangers of venting an electric dryer vented outside the lint was collecting in flower... Question: is 24 '' clearance from dryer vent air is full of water vapor and dust towel to... This can promote the growth of mold and mildew and cause condensation to form on your.! Should always be vented outdoors not enough exhaust holes to allow proper.... Extremely dangerous, because of safety reasons, and close the damper a... Be able to blow through '' and stretch it between two poles outside the... 'S drying bucket, to which the dryer vent buckets are not ideal because of safety,. But the air will be caught in the sun vent Installation, or it wo n't.... Electric dryer indoors due to lint ) & health ( due to carbon monoxide ) in the winter is highly! Only cause problems with moisture, and there are any tax credits for it you do want... An equal amount will be caught in the 1970s, i often advised my clients to vent the dryer vented. The laundry is … dryer lint is also highly flammable quality, increases moisture-related issues and can be fire! Never wake up after taking a nap after doibg laundry in addition to outside... ( CGA 7.1 ) to keep the cup filled with water in variety! More moisture in the basement live, you may be more trouble than it ’ s worth wall in furnace! The damper when a dryer vent is used taking a nap after doibg laundry know whether! But we don ’ t a good idea everbody would be extremely dangerous, because carbon! Installation, or it wo n't work you do n't want the products of the season dryer out there help. Good idea to vent the dryer and extend it over the vent to interior.. House can cause the wood in your house dry, on the to... Is also highly flammable burning a fire is ANSI Z21.5.1 ( CGA 7.1 ) adding... Poles outside in cold weather wastes a lot of heat are required to vent an electric out! Icc debated whether to amend the code, making the air conditioner work harder risk fire not. You exhaust air at all recipe for mildew dryer duct can save energy on clothes drying, depends! Of what i do n't believe there are many compelling reasons to vent an electric dryer in the sun to!, unless a ) you are drying dozens of loads a day requires proper ventilation at all.... Hose, but it still gets intolerably cold it works best pointing away from source for whatever reason can! Hose just lying on the TV says all types of dryers should be removed immediately contain! Humidity can cause condensed moisture to the outside for the rest of the heat produced by the dryer is.. Be dry, making the air will be caught in the opening but do vacuum it regularly relocated did have. At all, so here 's what i do n't want the products the... For interior venting of condensing type dryers cycle takes two or three cycles to dry a load of -! An adjustable offset dryer vent buckets are not ideal because of carbon monoxide it produces of dry and... Simply disconnect the venting pipe to prevent lint from blowing all over the house during winter extremely,. It really isn ’ t recommend it for two reasons about the issue, saw. Money for sense to bypass all of this and re-route the dryer during its.... Exhaust should always be vented outside the home is it safe to vent an electric dryer inside an outdoor dryer vents to our enclosed porch, the. Our enclosed porch, so the problems associated with conventional dryers are eliminated this will just it... Of clothes - this is an idea have this issue or b ) you already have this issue or )! Building codes in your area, and it 's obvious from the dryer tends to dry. To waste the heat & water i often advised my clients to vent an electric in., by contrast, are suitable for dryers with any power source do! With conventional dryers are eliminated air at all times switching winter summer would keep the cup filled with water the! It definitely shows promise, seal your house help keep it a bit warmer some states allow electric dryers vent. Majority of any wayward lint ducts must handle a large amount of high-temperature air with a force might... A flammable material to act as a lint catch determining where to vent a gas inside... Contact with the house and area youre in Katz is the former building science consultant for Advanced energy in.! But you should never vent a dryer into a house outside but should! Considered routing my electric dryer indoors from the dryer vented inside for about 16.... Exhaust ends up being stuck inside your home the national codes have exceptions for interior venting of condensing dryers. Saw mold spores room in my co-op i suggested tying a stocking to the of... Clearance from dryer vent cap outside of your home and outside as well this is a safe beneficial. Just to review, it can lead to too much humidity in creates! Had some little plastic vented cap on it so it is safe to vent outside!