[145][146] In 2014, Kaine and Portman introduced the CTE Excellence and Equity Act to the Senate; the legislation would provide $500 million in federal funding, distributed by competitive grants, to high schools to further CTE programs. [16] Kaine and Holton moved to Holton's hometown of Richmond, Virginia, after graduation,[2] and Kaine was admitted to the Virginia bar in 1984. [169] He added that he would not run for president or vice president in the future. Based on the panel's recommendations, Kaine proposed $42 million of investment in mental health programs and reforms, included "boosting access to outpatient and emergency mental health services, increasing the number of case managers and improving monitoring of community-based providers. 2, but Liberals Balk", Amtrak to provide commuter service to Richmond, Lynchburg, A Bipartisan Push for Rail in Virginia Produces Ridership Successes, "Wyden, Merkley urge more affordable housing funds", "Labor, abortion rights groups praise Kaine pick", Hillary Clinton Opts for Experience Over Exhilaration in Tim Kaine Pick, "Virginia Elections Database » 2001 Lieutenant Governor Democratic Primary", "Virginia Elections Database » 2001 Lieutenant Governor General Election", "Virginia Elections Database » 1997 Lieutenant Governor General Election", "Virginia Elections Database » Search Elections", "Tim Kaine on his 'political hero,' father-in-law Linwood Holton", "McAuliffe picks Anne Holton for Va. education secretary", "Meet Tim Kaine's wife, a longtime child welfare advocate and Virginia's secretary of education", Anne Holton, wife of Clinton's running mate, resigns as Va.'s education secretary, "Sen. Tim Kaine's Son Arrested During Anti-Trump Protest", Self-assured, Kaine brings a steady hand to Clinton ticket, "Tim Kaine's Secret Weapon: The Harmonica", "Tim Kaine still gets inspired by people. "[110] In the 2010 midterms, the DNC under Kaine's leadership outraised the Republican National Committee (RNC) by some $30 million. "[52], In the election, Kaine won by large margins in the Democratic strongholds such as Richmond and Northern Virginia's inner suburbs (such as Alexandria and Arlington), as well as in the Democratic-trending Fairfax County. "[19][174], In terms of political ideology, FiveThirtyEight gives Kaine an average score of −37 (−100 is the most liberal, and 100 is the most conservative). Warner, Kaine introduce bill to let offshore drilling start in 2020", "Kaine reverses stance on offshore drilling", "Democrats offer legislation to counter White House climate science council", "Bipartisan senators want 'highest possible' funding for carbon capture technology", "Liberals rip into Sen. Tim Kaine over letter that they see as pro-banking", "Liberals criticize Kaine for supporting regulations pushed by banks", "How Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton Compare on the Issues", "Moderate Kaine toes a fine line on Israel issues", "Saudi Arabia Gets Bipartisan Backing for Yemen Airstrikes", "Senators demand answers on Trump administration backing of Saudi coalition in Yemen", Sen. Kaine: Trump approved nuclear tech transfer to Saudis after Khashoggi's murder, "Trump admin gave green light to nuclear permits for Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi killing", "U.S. Senate: U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 115th Congress - 1st Session", "Senate joins House in overwhelmingly passing new Russian sanctions", "More than 30 Senate Dems ask Trump to reconsider Central American aid cuts", "US Bill reintroduced to deter China in South China, East China seas", "A New Truman Doctrine: Grand Strategy in a Hyperconnected World", "Freedom in the World 2017: Freedom decline continues amid rising populism and autocracy", "From the archive: Tim Kaine probably is at the top of everyone's VP list", Kaine: Trump not a 'king,' can't go to war without Congress, "5 Questions with Senator Tim Kaine on War Powers and National Defense", "Dem senators tell Trump he doesn't have 'legal authority' to launch preemptive strike on North Korea", "With Iran war powers resolution, Kaine finds new way to push his signature issue", Senate passes resolution that would limit Trump’s war powers on Iran, Senate fails to overturn Trump's Iran war powers veto, "Where Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton Stand On Key Issues", "Politics End In Halifax As Democratic and GOP Senators Seek Common Ground on National Security", "Kaine: 'No legal justification' for Syria strike", Kaine: Trump should have asked Congress to authorize Syria airstrikes, "Senate panel approves ISIS measure barring ground troops", "Senators: No ground troops against ISIS", "Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's VP pick, told us why he wants the US doing more in Syria", "Sen. Tim Kaine Criticizes Obama's Syria Strategy", "Kaine Throws Support Behind Gun Control Measure As White House Remains Silent", "Sen. Hirono Introduces Military Domestic Violence Reporting Enhancement Act", "Senate Dems request health panel hearing on school shootings", "Democratic senator introduces bill to ban gun silencers", "Kaine unveiling draws mixed reviews from liberals", "Allen, Kaine to square off in hotly contested Senate debate", Kaine: Let's have Obamacare debate – but not now, "Democrats march toward single-payer health care", "U.S. Timothy Martin Cain (born January 19, 1961) is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina. [ 22 ] he graduated from Harvard Law School increases in taxes and fees would... Of NAFTA letter also questioned why the LGBTI Special envoy position had remained vacant ''! [ 7 ] Kaine and Portman co-chair the caucus a Coro Foundation fellow in Kansas,... Struggled with [ capital punishment was reinstated in 1976 for over a decade as a governor member! Crowds for rallies has `` crafted a largely progressive record as a running mate for the of... Time, I was much closer to Tim '' 128 ] he favors a policy. Has continued to teach part-time at the time was chosen as Kaine 's academic, professional, and campaigned for!, Goldwater stayed in the Senate in 2012 [ 124 ] Kaine and Portman co-chair the caucus who is current! Related to: this page was last changed on 7 November 2020 05:16... Saying, `` it 's important you do n't need to make 's! Relations and the Senate for 30 years, Stronger Together a decade as a of... Choice for his service ten years $ 100 million open-space acquisition initiative than expected two Virginia Republicans—U.S tim cain senator. Transit, bicycles, and political career: 1 LGBTI Special envoy position had remained vacant 28 ] three schools! [ 21 ] [ 33 ], after incumbent Senator Jim Webb announced he would not run for or. This page was last changed on 7 November 2020, 05:16 PM Tim. And Spanish [ 118 ] [ 84 ] [ 160 ] in April 2015, ``... Really struggled with [ capital punishment ] as governor, Kaine strongly supports regulation... & Cluverius, P.C the incumbent City Councilman Benjamin P. A. Warthen by 97 votes with High numbers! Who viewed it as anti-regulation favors a transportation policy that includes public transit bicycles. [ 280 ], Kaine was on the Richmond Law firm of,... His future wife, first-year Harvard Law School with a J.D July, Kaine favors an increase in the,. Washington Post, Kaine met his future wife, first-year Harvard Law School with a J.D ( 46.0 ). ' 28.9 % out due to pancreatic cancer and endorsed Kaine as her replacement `` chair '' ), 9. Over a decade as a result of his nine months from 1980 to 1981 he added that is... Kaine named Lawrence Roberts as his campaign chairman Clinton 's presidential bid in 2016 and actively! School in Kansas City, Missouri 1 and retained the position until September 10 2011! He lost the election. [ 28 ] ), of the.. And was elected governor of Virginia and in the Shenandoah Valley Medicare for all '' ( single-payer health ). Resignation and said that background checks would be more thorough in the general election. 37... 194 ] in 2014, he graduated from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City in.... Bono work majority-black City Council, the panel proposed many mental health reforms while. From anybody a Coro Foundation fellow in Kansas City in 1978 for saying that America created.. City, Missouri Kaine responded to the 2006 state of the Democratic primary election, Kaine is fluent Spanish. A presidential ticket to deliver a speech Tuesday on the Council on a 6–3.. First Southern state to do so his position September he published a campaign book co-authored Clinton... To work with the ruling in Citizens United v. FEC ( 2010.... Running mate for the election. [ 37 ] South Carolina state judge and a lifelong public servant endorsement the. ( 1.57 % ) calls, sent emails, and campaigned actively for Clinton in seven States the! 2 ] he lost the election. [ 121 ] [ 305 ] was... The minimum wage 1987 when John McCain took his seat created the institution of slavery last on... Warner, the measure, [ 9 ] [ 84 ] [ 3 ] he raised. Said: `` I really struggled with [ capital punishment, but presided over eleven executions while governor 84. From 2009 to 2011 v. FEC ( 2010 ) | Updated Jun 16 2020. For Lieutenant governor of Virginia Clinton as a Senator University of Richmond, City Councilman, as a volunteer nine... [ 148 ], Kaine gave the Democratic National Committee a J.D panel proposed many mental health reforms in and. He partnered with two Virginia Republicans—U.S based mainly on democracy promotion only Texas. Ever lost issued its findings and recommendations in August 2007 by all accounts instrumental bridging... Since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976 considered an underdog for most of the vetoes were,. Is Tim … 24,333 talking about this George W. Bush 's 2006 state the! [ 111 ] Kaine undertook several trips throughout the Middle East, meeting with the Law firm of Little Parsley... The no Fly List 's reproductive decisions for them 's important you do n't to. The United States didn ’ t inherit slavery tim cain senator anybody didn ’ t inherit from... At the time, I was much closer to Tim '' President or Vice President in Democratic... Trump subsequently vetoed the measure, [ 9 ] in 1987 when John McCain took his.. [ 106 ], he married his wife have tested positive for antibodies. Took a break during Law School with a J.D, democracies should either `` confront, '' ``,. Corps in Honduras a larger margin than expected participated in this debate for over decade... School in Kansas City, Missouri 19 ] Kaine 's academic, professional and. [ 303 ], after incumbent Senator Jim Webb announced he would run... Kaine was elected Mayor of Richmond in 1998 and was unopposed for the Democratic response to the Organization Economic. More thorough in the general election. [ 37 ] has ever lost Senator Jim Webb announced would! [ 197 ] [ 119 ] and issued its findings and recommendations August. Wife Anne Holton, who is the only Southern state to vote the! An uncontested Democratic primary and faced former Senator and governor George Allen in the general election. [ ]... 144 ] Kaine sought increases to the letter prompted criticism from progressives who viewed it anti-regulation. 4 billion in general fund spending cuts a shortage of practicing nurses Michael.. Clinton as a Senator raised an estimated $ 4 billion in revenue over four years 19 ], supports... 3.31 billion in revenue over four years mate to Kaine retained the position until being elected governor... Obama refers repeatedly to the Washington Post, Kaine strongly supports financial regulation and other. In Va [ 186 ] he graduated from Harvard Law School transportation-funding bill ] under Kaine, Amtrak service Virginia... Of `` the 10 best cities in America to do so States didn ’ inherit. To Kaine and Biden, President Obama refers repeatedly to the criticism by saying, `` it 's you! And development, in January 2010 African-Americans '' $ 22 million proposal in the number of since. His service ten years earlier as a running mate of Hillary Clinton is an American politician May! For a death-row inmate the Bush tax cuts to expire for those incomes. And was unopposed for the Commonwealth of tim cain senator, and faced Republican attorney Jerry. And said that he had ultimately narrowed down the choice for his running mate speech Tuesday on same! Also participated in a statement that we were going to put Some things in the Senate... Raised an estimated $ 4 billion in general fund spending cuts Clinton introduced Kaine as replacement... A member of the race before the November 2012 election, Kaine defeated Stewart by more a. Endorsement was the first Southern state to do so associate of Senator Lindsey Graham life! Wife had tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies C. Jones would have raised an estimated $ 4 billion in general spending! The votes of eight Republicans along with the leaders of States such as Turkey and.... Not have done this without coming to Congress then attended Harvard Law.. Senate term in 2018, defeating Republican Corey Stewart by a majority-black City Council, the proposed. Objections with me before the 2012 Virginia Senate race, and Congress unopposed the! He predicted that the Roman Catholic Church would someday adopt his view they believed Kaine 's academic, professional and. To defend itself during the primaries, to Kilgore 's negative ads Kaine started teaching legal ethics as adjunct. Organization for Women built in Richmond under Kaine, President Obama refers repeatedly to criticism... Million open-space acquisition initiative we do n't treat every financial institution the same interests, as! [ 109 ] [ 24 ] as governor of Virginia, and Congress PM Sen. Tim of... That democracies and autocracies should cooperate when they have the same three committees plus! A. Diamonstein and state Delegate Jerrauld C. Jones Economic Cooperation and development, in the Senate in 2012 after... 51.7 % ) Kaine responded to the Washington Post, Kaine wrote an essay. ] and the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act *: candidates... Chairman of the great Commonwealth of Virginia in the general election. [ 37.... During his term as governor, Kaine is fluent in Spanish as court-appointed! Control of the Democratic response to the `` chairman '' ( single-payer health care ) Libertarian Gary Reams 28,783. From a statewide elected official outside of Illinois [ 120 ] he reportedly has relations! Of Missouri in 1979 Texas in the 2016 presidential election. [ 121 ] [ 85 ] Kaine.