As of September 19, 2019, the Lumineers have released 10 music videos from the first 10 tracks of the album, chronicling the main characters and their journey living alongside addiction. Check out the official music videos from the alt folk band's third studio album. It’s also confirmed that the Sparks are still living in the same house Donna and her husband built. There are four characters we are introduced to in Donna, all of which are relevant here: Gloria Sparks, whom the first chapter focuses on, her husband, and her son, Jimmy Sparks. Towards the beginning of the video, Junior burns a family piano (first played on camera by Gloria). The music video ends on a shot of Junior running with the bag of cash. Grief. Voir toutes les options d’achat. (Prices may vary for AK and HI.) Originaltitel: The Lumineers III: Filmstart: 08.11.2019: Filmlänge: Truly honored and … read more. III debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 with 86,000 album-equivalent units, including 73,000 pure album sales. The video opens on Gloria sitting alone at a bar. Chapter I begins with “Donna,” a dreamy and dreary introduction to the story and to the Sparks family.While Donna is not a main character, we come to find through the initial music video that Donna is the mother of our first main character, Gloria. Fans originally assumed that Donna was another song about a woman that influenced a member of The Lumineers in some way, as they frequently name their songs after women. 2019 Preview SONG TIME ... A DECCA RECORDS RELEASE; ℗ 2019 THE LUMINEERS, UNDER EXCLUSIVE LICENCE TO UNIVERSAL MUSIC OPERATIONS LIMITED. Videos. 4,6 sur 5 étoiles 114 évaluations. III; Studio album by . Split into three “chapters,” this album tells the story of one family, soundtracked by the folk sounds that made The Lumineers famous. It might be a little late to hope for a full explanation, but who knows? Label: Dualtone - 803020195110 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Club Edition, Limited Edition Blue • … Musik, die mit den Gefühlen spielt, die anfasst. It also contains spoilers for the album/music video series III. At the end of the music video, Junior leaves his home. Listen to III by The Lumineers on Apple Music. Musik, die mit den Gefühlen spielt, die anfasst. We also see flashbacks of Donna herself, who helped her husband build the house that Gloria is currently living in. His father, in the same position as Gloria’s husband, can do nothing but wait in the car for the police to arrive as Junior takes off. Our Take: The Lumineers’ III Is a Sonic and Cinematic Masterpiece. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 . Throughout the rest of the music video, Jimmy Sparks throws a large party with lots of alcohol and attempts to convince his son to drink. Its aesthetic is precious and it tackles so many issues, family relationships, loneliness, abuse, alcoholism, etc. I’ve left it where it falls in the series. Helplessness. Dive into the visual storytelling of Gloria, Junior, and Jimmy Sparks on Episode 3 of The Making of III: The Films. This takes place around or at the same time that Junior leaves to find his mother. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 Yellow/Gold Flecked Vinyl release of III on Discogs. The Lumineers – III – Album Review . Producers Jeremiah Fraites, Simone Felice & Wesley Schultz. Music, Our Take, Reviews September 13, 2019 December 15, 2020. by Kelly McCafferty. 9.3. Comment est-ce qu’Amazon procède à l’évaluation par étoiles ? Although Bonnie makes appearances in other music videos, she’s only referenced in the song lyrics and in old photos Junior flips through. We finally see a shot of the entire Sparks family, confirming the lineage. Three generations of the same family grapple with addiction and inherited trauma in this cinematic rendering of the latest album from American folk-rock band The Lumineers. Tous les commentaires sur les textes, les images et les vidéos. VIDEOS 360° VIEW IMAGES III The Lumineers (Artist) Format: Audio CD. par The Lumineers. contar uma 'III' é um dos poucos álbuns que fiquei ansioso para ouvir. The Lumineers Made a Music Video Series about the Struggles of Addiction. Jimmy Sparks (Part 8 Of 10) The Lumineers My Cell (Part 7 Of 10) The Lumineers Donna (Part 1 Of 10) The Lumineers Life In The City (Part 2 Of 10) The Lumineers Gloria … He drags him out of the house and attempts to take him to the hospital, similar to how Gloria attempted to take her husband there after throwing a bottle at him. 'III' é um dos poucos álbuns que fiquei ansioso para ouvir. Live. Gloria is part three of ten. These shots wrap up the first “chapter” of the III album. Meet Gloria, Junior, and Jimmy Sparks in Episode 2 of The Making of III: The Characters. August 20, 2019 Tagged: Kevin Phillips, Short Film, The Lumineers, TIFF. Donna continues focusing on Gloria and her life. One of the first verses states, “Your mother never was one,” while focusing on Gloria’s face. Bewertung(en), Dieser Film hat noch keine Bewertung, Sei der/die Erste! April is fifty-two seconds long and instrumental-only. Editors’ Notes III got its title not only from being The Lumineers’ third studio album, but also because it tells the three-chapter tale of the ill-fated Sparks family: matriarch Gloria, her son Jimmy, and her grandson Junior—three generations facing the ruination of addiction. The Lumineers stated on their website that Junior and the girl dated before breaking up: it’s possible that they did actually have the experiences shown in It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You, which Junior revisits throughout the music video. She left Junior at a young age to, as the song title states, move to Denver with someone else. It is implied that she will die shortly, beginning the backstory for the first song in the series, Donna. Directed by Kevin Phillips, "III" is a visual manifestation of the The Lumineers' third full-length album of the same name. SongsLover – 3d Songs – Latest Tracks – Latest Albums – Top Music Album 3d Songs – Top Quality music website we have 320 kbps music files, every month we release our top and best of the month tracks, every latest track and latest music album available on songslover. The Lumineers’ latest record “III” is an ambitious third offering that has been rolling out in chapter-like EPs since May. Fans are uncertain as to what, exactly, he did, although The Lumineers’ website states that he “[got] into trouble”. Also available in the iTunes Store Music Videos. Nearly one year later, people are still struggling to understand what their hit series is really about. Her home life seems to be somewhat cured, as she is excited to see her husband and son again. Here, we see more of the abuse Junior tolerates on a daily basis. During the video, she presumably suffers alcohol poisoning, and her husband comes home to her seizing on the floor. The Lumineers have released six videos for the first six tracks, and more videos will probably be released. The Making of III – Episode 2: The Characters. PREMIERE: ‘April’ Official Video Out Now. III’s concept began while the band was writing in the Catskill mountains, where producer Simone Felice works. Sterne. It follows their debut self-titled album, which came out in 2012, and Cleopatra, their second album that dropped in 2016, both of which went platinum. In musikalischer Form wird die Geschichte der fiktionalen Familie Sparks erzählt. Chapter III, out Friday, will conclude the compilation with “My Cell,” “Jimmy Sparks,” “April” and “Salt and the Sea.” Each tune is accompanied by a cinematic music video, all of which tell the full story of Gloria, Junior and Jimmy Sparks, a fictional family facing the destruction of addiction. Les mieux classés. Aside from being the band’s third studio album, III gets its name from the first ten songs of the album, presented in three chapters. The Lumineers have released six videos for the first six tracks, and more videos will probably be released. Bewertung. III is a prosaic title for a release as ambitious as the Lumineers' third effort. III debuted at number two on the US Billboard … The Lumineers release the visual for ‘Life in the City’ – the last in a trilogy of gripping music videos to accompany their new EP ‘Chapter I: Gloria Sparks’.The EP makes up the first chapter of the band’s forthcoming full-length visual album ‘III’, out on 13 th September on Decca/Dualtone. It becomes clear that she is an alcoholic who cannot care for her son. In an interview with NPR, Fraites and Schultz both explained how their lives have been impacted by addiction, and that this album was intended to chronicle the effects of addi… Meet Gloria, Junior, and Jimmy Sparks in Episode 2 of The Making of III: The Characters. The Lumineers - "III" Die schönste Akustik-Platte des Jahres. He refuses the drink, throwing it away from him. However, she clearly suffers withdrawal symptoms and/or relapses. It’s written from the perspective of her husband, who is trying — and failing — to help her alcoholism. The album was released on September 13, 2019. 2. Review von Philipp Kause. 3:05 PREVIEW Life in the City. The Color’s Gone: How BROCKHAMPTON Grew Up, The Evolution of a Queen — Hail Queen Beyoncé, ‘Pink Friday’: How Nicki Minaj Went From Scene-Stealer To Star, Stereophonic Curtain of Sound and Brahms’ Symphony №4 in E minor. Because of this, Jimmy beats him up in front of the party guests and threatens him with a gun. Towards the end of the video, Jimmy attempts to apologize to Junior but is too drunk to do so properly. Tous les commentateurs. desde o primeiro single até o último video, achei esse álbum tão único. Gloria’s husband is clearly injured, possibly near death, and, after seeing this, Gloria runs from the car in an attempt to flee the scene as police sirens blare. 1. Life In The City is the second song released, and it also made its way to radio stations as a single. It’s clear that they inherited it, and that Donna has since died, implying her death somewhere in between Life In The City and Donna. The Lumineers have released the music video for "Gloria," their first single from their upcoming full-length album III, out Sept 13th on Dualtone (an Entertainment One Company) in the U.S. and Canada, and Decca Records for the rest of the world. We may get one yet. His father is constantly drinking — another effect of Gloria’s parenting — leaving Junior to mostly fend for himself. Leader of the Landslide presumably happens a short time after Junior’s official introduction. Each of the characters is affected by addiction in a different way, and each family member gets a song about themselves and a specific moment in their life. With Anna Cordell, Nick Stahl, Charlie Tahan, Joshua Close. Die Musik der Lumineers auf „III“ ist eingängig, melodiös, melancholisch, traurig, packend. Donna seeks to tell both the story about the actual Donna, Gloria’s mother, but also about how Gloria was affected by her mother. Whether this “trouble” was earlier in his life or during the music video, fans speculated that he left to find his mother. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 Blue Vinyl release of III on Discogs. While focusing on Donna, the song states that, “You raised the same Donna,” hinting that the problems in the Sparks family will be passed down through multiple generations. It references Bonnie, and Junior’s thoughts on why she left their family. Shots of the baby unsupervised at home and drinking from an alcohol bottle are filtered into shots of the two Sparks parents in the crash. In addition to the album, each track’s accompanied by a corresponding music video, which helps tell the story of the family. It is revealed in the music video that Jimmy Sparks has not yet been born: however, Gloria does become pregnant from her affair during the course of the song. Here we get a much deeper dive into how terrible of a mother Gloria is. There is no current explanation available for Salt And The Sea, leaving the tale of the Sparks open-ended. Filtrer par. III combines the glorious folk songs of this band with a story about a family, the Sparks, divided in 10 parts. Gloria removes her ring from her finger, meets a stranger in the bar, and has an affair with him. III is the third studio album by American indie folk band The Lumineers. desde o primeiro single até o último video, achei esse álbum tão único. 8 Sonic Diversity. contar uma 'III' é um dos poucos álbuns que fiquei ansioso para ouvir. The album is a family tree, spanning three The girl herself is proven to be real in a later music video which shows Junior liking her photos on Instagram. Achetez des vinyles & CDs et complétez votre Collection The Lumineers. The videos and songs all tell the story of a broken family — the Sparks — suffering from addiction. the Lumineers. Here, we have confusingly skipped not one but two generations, and are now focusing on Jimmy Sparks’ son, Junior. Two-time GRAMMY-nominated band The Lumineers are back with their third album, III, a cinematic piece presented as a narrative in three chapters, with each one centering on one main character. Archives. She is taken to a hospital, examined, and returned home in a wheelchair. The numeric title carries a double meaning: the album is a song cycle told in three parts, with the first two available as a digital EP prior to the September 2019 release of III.Through these three chapters, the Lumineers tell a tale of the long-lasting ramifications of addiction and co-dependence. The Lumineers III at TIFF. Auf „III“ hört man zumeist eher sanften Independent Rock, der ab und an auch in den Gefilden des Folks beheimatet ist, jedoch auch etwas Tempo aufnehmen kann. 2019 Preview SONG TIME Donna. However, it’s clear that the cycle of the Sparks has come full circle once again: Junior has assumed the role of Gloria, running away, and Jimmy now takes the role of his father, left behind. Three sets of songs are released at once, each set making up a “chapter” of the album. September erscheint. 10 Memorability. Although it’s the second song in the series, it’s the chronologically the earliest point told in song. Commercial performance. III is the third studio album by American indie folk band the Lumineers. Though there are still many things left unexplained, the story of the Sparks is much more cut-out than it once was. If you’re a fan of the indie folk band The Lumineers — or if you listen to pretty much any radio station ever — you’ve probably heard two hit singles from their most recent album III, titled Donna and Gloria. It also contains spoilers for the album/music video series III. The 10 videos are directed by Kevin Philips, who did a all fantastic job with the story. What you might not know is that these two songs belong to a ten-part music video series that, together, are the length of a short film. There is notably heavy piano. It is unknown whether Gloria’s husband lives or dies. He found work as a prison guard, which soon dried up, leaving him to gamble in an attempt to make money for his son. On Friday September 20, The Lumineers joined us for a RADIO.COM Live Storyteller Performance, playing songs from their new album ‘III’ and more. III - The Lumineers. Ondara, and Jade Bird will be joining us on select dates for our 2020 US tour! A Change Is Gonna Come: How Gospel Influenced Rhythm’n’Blues. The Lumineers veröffentlichen jetzt das neue und sehr persönliche Musikvideo zu "Gloria", der ersten Single aus ihrem kommenden, visuellen Album "III“, das am 13. III and the accompanying music video are culturally important points of contact with the realities of addiction. 8 Arranging. The Lumineers III OV. It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You is the opening song for Chapter 2. At the very end of the music video, we also learn that Gloria’s husband has been visiting Gloria’s mother, Donna, in the hospital. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 Blue Vinyl release of III on Discogs. Écrire un commentaire. The video and song get more intense as Junior’s situation worsens. Gloria, who is clearly unhappy with the way that her life has turned out, states through the song that she wants to die. However, the music video for Donna hinted that there was more to the story: The Lumineers included the fact that Donna was merely one out of ten videos to be released. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 CD release of III on Discogs. The end of the video sees her having a breakdown with her husband, while her baby sits inside, neglected. The song also mentions that he taught his son a specific life lesson referenced later: “never give a hitcher [hitch-hiker] a ride”. In 2011, The Lumineers released a self-recorded extended play. Supporting the release of their forthcoming album III, The Lumineers have released a music video for the album’s lead single, “Gloria.”. It’s clear, however, that he uses his ex-girlfriend as a coping mechanism. Junior, who possesses a gun and a large bag of cash (leaving fans seriously questioning what Junior was doing while he was away from home), is convinced by his father to take the money and run, leaving the gun in the car. The 10 videos are directed by Kevin Philips, who did a all fantastic job with the story. Stream songs including “Donna”, “Life in the City” and more. It’s clear that The Lumineers hope to explore more concepts like these in the future: most of their albums tell active stories about people’s lives, stemming from real-life people the band members know or knew. Miles Davis: A Lotta Genius, Not a Lotta Smiles. 3:51 PREVIEW Gloria. The video focuses on his robbing and beating, and leaves him bleeding out on the floor of his own home. We can assume, then, that Donna is the root of many of the problems in the Sparks family (although they each have their own flaws and additions to the situation). “III” Q&A. His destination is unknown. Rechercher. Die Musik der Lumineers auf „III“ ist eingängig, melodiös, melancholisch, traurig, packend. 3. Joy, Shakey Graves, CAAMP, J.S. These videos all combined show a tragic tale of addiction that has been passed over from one generation to another. Excluded from the song but included in the music video is the piano melody from Donna, flashing back to the first two parts from the music video and alluding to the familial reasons behind Gloria’s alcoholism. Label: Dualtone - 803020195127,Dualtone - 80302-01951-27 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • The Lumineers - III (2019, CD) | Discogs Foreshadowing, anyone? The head injuries are the same — they also kick through the same screen door in a similar manner. Album de The Lumineers sorti le 13 Septembre 2019, la playlist de III est composée de 13 chansons en écoute gratuite et illimitée. Affichage de 1-2 sur 2 commentaires. Also available in the iTunes Store Music Videos. There is some discourse amongst fans as to whether or not this is possible: due to song and music video hints (i.e: birthdates), fans have another theory that Gloria had a daughter whom she gave up for adoption, leaving the later-born Jimmy Sparks to be her husband’s biological child.

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