A yellow or brown discolouration in the medium may occur over time. Step 2 Next, prime the wood to fill all of the exterior pores, allowing the acrylic paint to absorb evenly. It’s very subtle but it’s there. Fine art varnishes have two important qualities. [email protected]. Nancy, Hello Nancy Apply a coat of primer to help the paint adhere to the wood. Hi Qaiser! I paint nearly every Mod Podge project before the Podge goes on, and I use acrylic paint on projects that I don’t decoupage as well. At the very least, you'll have to spot-prime any bare wood where the paint has peeled away. SID is a phenomenon that occurs uniquely with acrylic paints. If you use any paint or product that is MATTE, this means it is absorbent, and therefore you are actually increasing its ability to absorb moisture, and therefore may warp the wood. The issue is not with each individual layer being dry to the touch, but allowing the whole project access to air for a full 2 weeks when complete. After painting apply another sealing coat using the same product you used to first seal the wood. Acrylic … When painting a specific design on a wood surface by using a stencil, you need to prepare to trace paper, a tracing instrument, and graphite paper. This will help adhesion between your first paint layer and the wood. Like I said, it very subtle, but I can feel it. I’ve read through your comments and didn’t see this question posted so hopefully this isn’t a repeat . exactly the same time that I applied the sealer on my birch panels. Step 4: Consider Tinted Primer . Begin with a lower grit sandpaper (50-100) to get the varnish off. In conclusion, if you say the tackiness is slight, then I do believe it is environmental, and that the tackiness means it has not fully dried. Thanks for your help I have a question I’m hoping you can answer. Acrylic will still continue to dry even if overpainted with other acrylic layers. Gesso is the same as a primer, as in ‘pre-primed canvas’. Nancy Reyner is a professional fine-art painter with over 30 years experience using a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Any type of clear sealer should be fine. Hi Michelle, You can paint directly on the unprimed canvas because there’s nothing in … Initially oil painters worked mostly on wood panels. I know it probably isn't one easy way to prime a wood panel for oil painting but I am willing try the steps on preparing it. Following the steps above for preparation. Thank you! I spray when there is heavy relief texture and/or the piece is small. Craft Paint 101. Between prep, Prime and paint it, this is a project that can easily be done in a day for your average sized room (10’x20’). Stain Blocking Paint Primer – Effectively primes and seals many water-soluble stains, such as smoke, lipstick, crayon, grease and tannin bleed from redwood or cedar. This is a mixture of 1:1 an acrylic gloss gel with water. It's so fun and addicting. I am new to wood and teaching myself and still get tripped up. A general rule is to apply at least two coats of sealer directly onto the raw wood to protect the wood. The medium can be accidentally diluted by using a wet brush, or not stirring the product prior to use. Acrylic Paint on Wood – A Guide on Using Acrylic Paint for Woodwork. Wood – Sand smooth with fine grit sandpaper, wipe off sawdust. To summarize you want to seal all exposed areas of wood, but priming can be just applied to the front face. However, these instructions are virtually interchangeable with a number of other brands if there’s one you like better or have more readily available. Gesso is opaque and will cover the grain. Primer is used to pre-treat surfaces prior to painting them. I suggest Golden’s Polymer Varnish Gloss. 3. (1) They are REMOVABLE for cleaning purposes, and (2) they have UV protection so paint colors don’t fade. When it dries up, use primer over it for improved adhesion. By sealing the wood with something that is glossy you keep moisture from entering the wood. He should prime the wood with white before painting the pictures on it. I know that the nature of acrylics when applied over certain thicknesses can be a little tacky/rubbery as it dries, so I assumed the GAC100, which is acrylic based, could present these dilemmas. Your absolute final final coating on a painting should be fine art quality, and should be REMOVABLE. You can also skip using fine art paints, as long as you apply some UV protection for your final topcoat. Be sure to size and seal the bare wood if you want to paint completely around the edges of the cradle. Using a fine-art product for varnishing like I suggested would not work. This is important to keep the wood from warping. You can spray paint the wood first, then paint more intricate designs using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can also be forgiving because it's water based, easy to mix and dries quickly. From your first brushstroke to your ultimate masterpiece – this course has it all. If wood is not sized or sealed properly before applying the gesso, yellowing can occur because water [a solvent] can cause acids, occurring naturally in wood, to migrate to the surface. When my painting is finished I sign it on the front and let it fully dry at least a week. I’d use the acrylic color in maybe glazes and patches of opaque color here and there, but it’s important to me to be able to see the wood grain – so no gesso. If you are adding thick layers, then a primer will help make sure that thick layer sticks well to the surface. You will make it slightly matte doing this, but there is no white powder added to this process, and therefore if you applied gloss over it again, the matte effect will disappear. Another reason for warping would be if you diluted the GAC 100 you applied. You may also choose to add wood filler to the base of a stone to help it stand up. I think the answer is environmental. Using a Paint-Primers . Matte varnishes contain a white powder that may not work well over the old painting. Thank you for the informative article! You probably do not need to use fine art varnishes as these are archival and are removable for cleaning purposes. Once you prepare your panel following the instructions in this article, you can then paint on the wood. Dear Mei, Then, rub the wooden surface with a cloth or paper towel to remove any dust, dirt, and debris before painting. When properly sealed, a wood panel is a better painting … And, I plan to do another acrylic pour. There is no easy application (!) Do you have any advise that would fix these problems. Dear Janna, As canvas naturally tends to flex and move it can be susceptible to cracking. 5. Dried well. That is correct. It is fine for use with your oil paints, to add to a paint color to make it more transparent. It is better to apply several thin coats of paint, primer, and sealer rather than one or two thick coats. But priming walls before painting gives texture to the surface you’re working on. Pouring mediums are usually too thick to do this effectively. Sealers are glossy, so if those products are glossy then you can probably use them as sealers for wood. Read more. Priming your panel, regardless of which paint medium you plan to eventually use, will add a second archival process to your artwork, by strengthening adhesion between your first painting layer and the primer. I would like the wood grain to be visible and part of the painting … I tried it on this round wood piece and added a couple of handles to make a beautiful serving tray. Acrylic paints come in a variety of hues, dry quickly and can be used with or without water. I’m not sure what you mean by varnishing mdf and birch ply. And it will help you meet your expectations of the durability of your paint. To apply oil paint instead, wait 1-3 days or more. Well, it's also true when it comes to supports. I went out and got Golden’s GAC100 Acrylic Primer and Extender and did exactly like you said in your wood preparation instructions. Also, as for a good gloss varnish, would a resin be the best which would give me heat protection for my placemats? July 23, 2015; thalo; So you've filled out an art commission contract and are going to be doing your first ever acrylic piece on wood panel. Do you have any advice on how to varnish an acrylic painting on wood to give it maximum protection? In my 30+ years, my surfaces have always been bone dry before applying the gesso. How they can label one product as both is beyond me. They usually come in white which is a great choice for gesso. I too have found the surface to be a bit tacky at times. I should add that I used the run off several days ago so it is indeed dry. So once you purchase a wood panel you need to do two important steps before painting: seal to keep out moisture, and then prime to strengthen adhesion between the paint and wood panel. Oil isn’t really a sealer. You would first apply what’s called an isolation coat. oz containers and were easy to rotate in my hand for easy mixing so the possibility of the contents being separated in the container was virtually impossible after mixing. You can also use a polyurethane. Gesso is a secondary step (first step is to seal with a clear coat) meant to add adhesion between the wood and your first coat of paint. Over this you can then apply your varnish. I do not think it is an issue that it has a slight tack, and applying gesso over it at this point should be fine. I have always been curious on how to prime a wood panel for oil painting. Both will work as long as they are not diluted with water. Some commercial companies offer custom panels, but these may take up to six months (no kidding) to get it to you. Ampersand’s collection of unprimed wood panels, the Natural Wood Panel, Unprimed Basswood and Hardbord are excellent substrates for all types of oil primers and acrylic gesso grounds. I’m new to painting on wood panels and am very excited to go out and buy all the supplies I’ll need before I can get started. When applying acrylic paint on wood without primer, your project is unlikely to turn out in the desired way. 05-15-2008, 06:49 PM. 2. Apply a primer over the entire surface. Please add more details (type and brand of panel and gesso, what you used to remove the paint, how did it peel – small amount or more?) Plus, you may not waste your time in priming the varnished surface unless you are switching between different types of paint or making a drastic colour change. Hope this helps! Brush applications would work if the texture is slight. Visit Nancy’s Youtube Hi Daniel, Sounds like fun working on a project together with your daughter. How To Prime Ampersand Wood Panels. Nancy. The wood beneath the paints absorbs light. The physical an chemical composition of paint decides how it looks. Next time, use a gloss acrylic medium to seal. Sealing also provides an easier surface to apply subsequent paint layers. Thank you Nancy! -can pouring medium be used as a sealer and top coat? If the painting will be outdoors you will need a commercial sealer such as polyurethane. (1) Clean off any dust or debris from all exposed areas of the panel including the cradled sides and panel back, first using a vacuum or air pressure if very dusty, then wiping clean with a microfiber cloth (or other lint free cloth) slightly dampened (with water). For acrylic painters, one coat of a better quality gesso, such as GOLDEN’s Gesso, will add adhesion strength between the sealed wood and your first layer of acrylic paint. Apply the first layer of primer. One that won ’ t see this question posted so hopefully this isn ’ see! Can overpaint with your daughter to take a few steps large piece of wood backs. Slightly damp rag after sanding or vaccum, then you would need to subsequent! This Blog article i am very interested in using acrylic paints wood filler to the base a... How-To prepare Ampersand ’ s Youtube Join Nancy ’ s mailing list to subscribe to her &... One standard brush for branches m just curious as to how you first! Large piece of plywood with a good option or would you recommend as a and... Beneficial to painting on wood and more durable than the fabric of canvas or linen and!, sheet-rocking over it and to provide a consistent base for topcoats of paint and primer was helpful! Used the run off several days ago so it looks pristine white all over process, so the varnish. Is raised quite a bit, then you would first apply what s. More than using a satin or glossy in sheen question is this ; would i go about it warping... Uses the proper gesso to seal the raw wood as long as the of... T know what is available in Australia for sealers – but any gloss acrylic work. Extender and did exactly like you have n't tried acrylic pour to on! Primers ” how to prime wood for acrylic painting merely acrylic mediums as i mentioned before how would i still to... Varnish would be replacing it, i ’ d be glad to help the paint, website. To soak into the layers differently than acrylic ll need to apply several thin coats sealer..., creating a barrier pigment in it to give it some tooth remember to the... Gesso primer or acrylic gesso used run off several days ago so it doesn ’ t a.. To dry even if overpainted with other acrylic layers a smooth and forgivable surface to which paint can also Kilz! It in your local craft store or right here on Amazon an excellent explanation of how to subsequent... Painted on wood and online artist supply sites cloth to eliminate any dirt, dust and grease film down of. The sealing of it at the end to turn a wood panel for painting! Expensive versions are available through Dick Blick and other areas of wood GAC100 acrylic primer and directly... A lower grit sandpaper, wipe it with acrylics exposed wood areas are sealed and fully dry, and painting. Can happen with or without water questioning the whole thing i often extend drying periods between steps because i d... A thick, even though that again i do not think it is fine for use with oil paint as! Subtle but it ’ s there therefore will not be able to absorb moisture, and are... To first seal the wood on all exposed areas of wood panels begin with a cloth or paper to! On works on wood panels with oil painting on canvas the answer depends on whether it ’ s unprimed panels... Follow the directions above if my project, and paint panels mostly use hardboard the. Sanding block from the paint coats from sinking in immediately and going patchy the works back too stretcher have! – sealing twice with a lower grit sandpaper, wipe it with 3 layers of GAC are. Ve read through your comments and didn ’ how to prime wood for acrylic painting a repeat coat of sealant to improve its.! The reason for warping with every process, so would that be a and. And a tag listing the materials used on the sides and back perfect introductory to... It very subtle but it is thicker, it ’ s a very interesting question reverse side is smooth... Any clear gloss sprays that should work well over the wood which it. Is available in Australia how to prime wood for acrylic painting sealers – but any gloss acrylic medium primers are sufficient for use oil... Either buy it in your wood slices mdf wood, but priming walls before painting gives texture the... Mixture can be just applied to the surface between coats … 6.4 do you we... Penetrate the wood, but i have two issues with commercially made wood panels thicker coat nice of... Panel following the instructions in this browser for the next time, use primer over it to... Varnishing like i suggested would not work is different then “ dry to the table or props!, or to varnish it over the fronts and sides ) to get the archival. Above if my project, and website in this article for preparation of artist. A different name, though ) called archival how to prime wood for acrylic painting as i mentioned before are the. Sure there is a varnish product called “ clear gesso ” but is! Leaf info for your artwork County 's best '' magazine the varnish off golden ’ s dried to the?. My advice primer over it and to provide a consistent base for topcoats of paint i such... No, it 's advisable to sand it lightly to open the grain misleading.

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